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Do Not Even Think About Telehealth Consults Until You Read This

OK lets cut to the chase – as a Physiotherapist I have NEVER done a telehealth or telerehab consult in my life.

However, I do have a deep understanding of sales, buyer psychology and the mindset of your clients and patients.

With health businesses across the world in varying level of closure – most are scrambling to launch some sort of Telehealth or Telerrehab program.

Yet one part of the Telehealth puzzle is proving challenging to health professionals, especially those heavily invested in manual therapy and hands-on treatment / assessment modalities.

It is the therapists concern about how they can give value to a client if they can’t touch them or lay their hands on them.

This is where you need to understand the psychology of your client and why they are coming to see you in the first place.

Here is the key message:

“Patients DO NOT come to you for the delivery method”

Meaning, clients DO NOT attend allied health professionals to receive massage, physical examination, manipulation, mobilization, traction, electrotherapy or stretches.

They physically attend your practice to get a RESULT.

The “delivery method” you use to provide the result is of no interest to the client.

Your client does not care if you stand on a chair in the consult room, clap your hands over your head and sing “God Save the Queen” as long as this gives them the RESULT they desire.

The result the patient desires from a consult may be pain relief, increased mobility or a return to sport.

However the result may also be peace of mind, confidence or re-assurance that all will be OK and they will recover from this injury.

Don’t lose sight of the incredible knowledge you have gained over your years of practice.

All you need to do is shift your way of thinking to enable you to help your clients achieve the result but using a different delivery method.

I have been instructing my VIP clients to JUST GET STARTED with online consults.

Even if you launch the program by doing FREE online follow up sessions – it is still a great way to practice before you decide to make the sessions available as paid consults.

As I said at the start of this email,  I have NEVER done a telehealth or telerehab consult in my life.

Yet I have given advice and suggestions to many clients, friends and family over the phone hundreds of times and I am sure you have done the same.

My in pain family and friends were more than happy to speak to me over the phone or over skype – yet they knew I could not touch them.

What’s different.

To help you fasttrack  your online consultation plan Nicola McLennan from Boost Your Practice has recorded a FREE (no opt in required) training sessions titled:

“Manual Therapist C-19 Practice Survival Guide – How To Deliver Online Consultation to Maintain Your Income”

I hope this helps you get your head right about the value you can provide to someone in an online consult.