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How and Why to Do TeleHealth Consults

My VIP clients and I have been working on Telehealth and how to deliver consultations online to clients who are forced to self isolate.

In these difficult times it is important we increase communication to our past and current clients using as many contact methods as possible.

One way to stay in touch is to contact clients and schedule online check-ups and review sessions – regardless of whether or not you charge for these online sessions or not.

Give value to your clients and you will be rewarded in spades once the dust has settled from Coronavirus.

To help you do these online consultation Nicola McLennan from Boost Your Practice has recorded a FREE (no opt in required) training sessions titled:

“Manual Therapist C-19 Practice Survival Guide – How To Deliver Online Consultation to Maintain Your Income”

In this session Nicola will share:

– How to use easy, reliable and free platforms to serve your clients / patients online.

– Step by step training to save you hours trying to figure it out yourself.

– How to provide huge value during these sessions so your clients can’t wait to get started again in clinic with you once the worst of the virus has passed.

Click on the link below to access the FREE session instantly – with no opt in required.