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How Often Should You Contact Your Past Clients?

In every marketing seminar I have ever presented to health business owners and their teams I am always asked this question:

How often should I send emails to my patient list?

Before I answer this question I need to make one thing perfectly clear.

You HAVE to stay in touch with your past and potential clients – NO EXCEPTIONS.

I hear some health business owners saying they don’t need to contact their clients or post on social media because they have such great word of mouth referrals.

This may be true – however by not staying in contact with your current and past clients you run the very real risk some else will.

So personal phone calls, thank you cards, emails, text messages, social media posts, Private Facebook Groups, Instagram – the list goes on – are all important parts of your client nurturing and welcoming program.

As one of my mentors once told me – you need to stay at the top of your clients “Mind Shelf” so when they, or someone they know, needs your services, YOU are the business they think of.

Back to the original question.

“How often should I send emails to my patient list?”

Well at the very least you should have a new patient welcome sequence set up for all new clients.

A sequence of 2-5 emails with  some of the items bellow:

– a nice welcome message (or video welcome message) from you

– information on your guarantee in case things do not go according to plan

– some things they may not know about your practice and the services you deliver

– how the client can post a Google review

– information on upcoming events, seminars or offers

Once the new patient has been through the new patient sequence, I like my owners to send AT LEAST TWO emails a month in addition to their regular social media activity.

One of the emails is a broad newsletter style content piece with a range of information about upcoming events, social news from your team,and a story about a client who did something exciting  – like ran their first marathon.

You should also include some light entertainment such as a “Joke of the Month” or “Crazy Injury” which makes people smile.

It is vital you include personal items and social things about you and your team such as:

– congrats to a team member for getting married

– photos of your new puppy

– your team at a social get together

These social and personal items help your clients feel more comfortable with you and draw them closer to you and your team.

If the above general newsletter email goes out on the FIRST Tuesday of the month, then I like my clients to send a second email on the THIRD Tuesday of the month.

This second email is a short offer based message where you share information about an upcoming seminar, a special offer, or new treatment program.

This email MUST have a clear call to action which asks your audience to call your clinic, register for a seminar, download a report or take some action to contact your business.

This “Offer” email helps train and condition your clients to expect offers from you and to be on the lookout for your next great deal or event.

As I said, this TWO emails a month plan is the absolute minimum.

I have no issues with health businesses sending more than two emails a month – however there is one caveat on this.

ONLY send an email if you have something important to say.

Otherwise you will be nothing more than a spammer.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

What Email Platform to Use?

There are some great email platforms out there with great deliver-ability and are easy to use – however my personal favorite has always been AWEBER.

The platform I am using to send this message today.

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