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When to Fire a Team Member? I Wish I Knew This Years Ago

In my Fast Track Elite VIP Mentor Program my clients and I are always solving highly sensitive and emotional problems in their businesses.

One common area of discussion is how to handle poor performing team members.

In a VIP mentor session last week one of my clients was asking for advice on how to handle a difficult admin team member.

The admin person in question had been a steady performer (without being a superstar) for a number of years, however has recently become difficult and argumentative when asked to perform specific tasks.

In my early years of business ownership I would have just sacked the person and moved on, however the benefit of experience has led me to be much more cautious and reflective BEFORE taking the step to dismiss a team member.

One of the habits in Stephen Covey’s “7 Habit of Highly Effective People” is:

Seek First to Understand Then Be Understood

Which means, before you go ballistic and sack this team member, you should take the time to openly discuss the issues leading to this team members actions and see if there is a solution.

The team member may be unwell, be having issues at home, they may have a sick child or an ailing parent they are trying to look after.

All of which can dramatically impact team members work performance.

As a business owner you also have to make sure you have given each and every team member the chance to succeed.

Meaning, you have to train and education your team on exactly what you expect from them, how to do what you have asked them to do, and ensure they have enough time allocated to complete the task.

I say to my clients – “You have to EARN the RIGHT to dismiss a team member.”

That being said, sometimes there is no alternative but to sack the team member – however you have to do all you can to salvage the relationship before taking this step.

If you find yourself in the “hiring – firing – rehiring” spiral – you need to take a good look at your recruitment processes and how you are choosing your team members in the first place.

So before you take any drastic action, take the time to find out what is going on in your team members life and if you can assist in some way.

Also train and educate them to within a inch of their lives.

Then, and only then, have you earned the right to fire the team member.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

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