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A Small Business Victory for the Me and 3 Lessons for You

I received a question on the “Profit Club” member forum regarding my love of name badges and why I place such importance on them in my health businesses.

This question reminded me of the day I arrived at one of my clinics to be met by my then clinic manager – unfortunately he was not wearing his name badge – a big deal at Get Active Physiotherapy – as I will explain in a moment.

Before I could say anything about his oversight – I was distracted by another team member wanting my opinion on another topic – and when I turned around – my manager was gone – only to return in a few moments – but this time – he was wearing his name badge.

I did not say anything at the time – but at the end of the day – just as I was about to leave – I called out from the front door to my manager:

 “By the way – I noticed you did not have you name badge on when I arrived this morning”

 We both had a laugh as we went on our way.

This may seem like a small item but the implications for me, my manager and the business were immense – and you should learn these lessons for your health business:

Lesson One – What chance have you got of enforcing other protocols if you can’t even get your team to wear a name badge?

The fact that my manager was aware enough of his “name badge nudity” to race back to his office and put it on – showed me that he was aware of the protocol and knew the importance of this – small – procedure – and I know he will be very open to other protocols I decide to implement into the business.

New York City halved its crime rate by fixing the broken windows in empty buildings – this sent a message that there were people in charge and the city was being looked after – use name badges to draw a line in the sand in your health business and then enforce it with rigid discipline.

Lesson Two – The Manager Knew that I Knew

The gentle way I let him know of my discovery made him aware that – even though I am not around much – I have a great eye for detail and would make his think that if I notice small things like the missing name badge– then it is highly likely that I will notice larger things like failure to make patient follow up calls and him leaving early on a regular basis.

Lesson Three – The Fish Stinks From the Head Down

If you have been a reader of my material for a while you will know this is one of my favourite expressions – it really means that if systems and procedure are not being followed in your business –it is YOUR fault – not your employees.

If I had let my manager get away with “no name badge”– of any of my team for that matter – then the slackness in protocols will filter down through the business.

My manager also needs to be aware that – as the top dog – he needs to set the example – as do I – in regard to all procedures and systems – and failing to enforce them will lead to business suicide.

I once went through a stage where I said to my team – “if you find me without my name badge – I would give you all $10 each” – I still have the money.

Set the rules, enforce them and follow them yourself – only then will you enjoy true business freedom.

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Best Wishes

Paul Wright



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