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Do Your Clients and Patients Trust You Like This Guy Trusts Me?

In the final hours before the deadline of Saturdays FastTrack launch things got pretty crazy.

We had orders coming in from all over the world as the deadline got closer.

However, an email from one FastTrack buyer made me feel fantastic.

The email said:

Hi Paul, I don’t know what the FastTrack product is but I just bought it”.

This email contains a number of lessons for all successful health business owners and their teams.

Lesson ONE – Did I educate my audience enough about exactly what the FastTrack Program is and what it does?

I like to think I am a pretty good marketer and create information pages and content which clearly spell out the value my products deliver.

However, the email made me think about how I could improve the marketing material to ensure total understanding of the program in future campaigns.

That being said, the fact FastTrack sold so well indicates the vast majority of buyers were able to understand the program enough to commit to the purchase.

Maybe this buyer was under the pump and did not have time to read the full information page or watch the information video.

Lesson TWO – He Trusted Me To Make the Purchase EVEN Though He Did Not Fully Understand What He Was Buying

This was the lesson which really made me smile.

This client had been in my health business growth programs for many years, ordered lots of my products and has a high level of confidence in the value my programs deliver to him and his teams.

Even though he did not have the time to fully research the FastTrack program, he had enough TRUST in what I deliver he had no hesitation in ordering the product.

I have to tell you this is a fantastic feeling.

You need to ask yourself this question.

“Do my clients and patients trust my recommendations regarding treatment options, booking frequency and product purchases with 100% confidence?”.

If NOT – you need to work on developing greater trust and rapport with your clients and patients.

Lesson THREE – The Importance of an Iron Clad Guarantee

This client was also able to order the FastTrack program with ZERO RISK because he knows about my “Wrighty is a Goose” guarantee.

He knows if the program is not useful for him and his team, all he needs to do is send an email and we refund his money.

There is absolutely NO RISK to him to give the program a try.

Which begs the question:

Do You Have a money back guarantee in your health business?

And even if you do – are all of your clients aware of it?

If you do not currently have a guarantee then I suggest you get one out there immediately and let everyone know about it.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

Note – if you missed the emails and information about FastTrack – you can see the information page at the link below.

Please let me know if you think I do a good enough job on this page of explaining exactly what the FastTrack program is all about.