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Why Your Team Don’t Listen to YOU and What to Do About It

It was during a private mentor session with a client when the penny dropped for me regarding team compliance with systems and procedures.

I was sharing a new re-booking strategy I wanted my client to implement in her business and after I had outlined the full strategy – the client said:

Paul – that sounds fantastic – but it would be much better received by my team if it came from you – my team are sick of listening to me“.

Over the years many health business owners have asked me to personally come to their practices and actually run their team training sessions for them.

Which begs the question:

Why Don’t Your Team Listen to YOU?

Now let’s be clear for a moment – the team DO listen to some of what the owner of a business says.

However, the problems come with the owner is trying to launch new systems, procedures or protocols into the business – particularly if the team member does not believe the new system will work, will make them change the way they currently do their job, OR add extra work for them.

One of my mentors also once told me:

Wrighty – you are never a prophet in your home town“.

Meaning, the more people know about you, see you grow up, or spend lots of time with you, the less likely they are to believe you are an expert.

You are just too familiar to them and they know you too well – the good and the bad.

So whilst your team may like and trust you – they WILL NOT listen to you with anywhere near the same level of conviction as if the systems and processes are delivered to them by an external expert.

A few years ago – I did a full team training day for one of Canadas largest franchised Physiotherapy practices – and at the end of the day the director said to me:

“That was excellent Paul – fantastic – it was the same information I have been sharing with them for years – but when it comes from YOU – they seem to understand it and actually listen.”

This is exactly why I created the NEW – FASTTRACK – Practice Acceleration Program

FastTrack is a six week (eight weeks for owners) program where I personally train your admin and therapy team – on the critical steps and processes needed to succeed in private practice.

The best part of FASTTRACK is I do all of the work.

I do the actual training sessions, create the manuals, set the homework and structure the content – all you need to do is set the team training times, give the team their program logins and print their program manual.

I do the rest.

PLUS – you get lifetime access to the FastTrack program so all current and future team members can use this training system – you can even get new team members to complete the 6 module program BEFORE they arrive on their first day of work.

A massive time saver for you with all new team members.

If you are interested in me personally training your admin and therapy team on the secrets of health business success – I will be launching FastTrack with an email to be sent at 10am Tuesday February 4th – Sydney time – with a super special launch offer and my best ever guarantee.