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Why Most Health Business Marketing Fails and What to Do About It

As we start  a new year it is important all health business owners understand the fundamentals of marketing to ensure a successful 2020.

One of the cornerstones of my marketing programs has been a deep understanding of a marketing system called “The Golden Glove”.

I have used the 5 step “Golden Glove” formula in every sales page, website, brochure, flyer, and email I have created over the past 10 years – and it has made and saved my clients and I many millions of dollars in revenue.

The “Golden Glove” formula begins by identifying the “Desperate Problem” your product or service solves for your ideal client.

This is where the majority of health business marketing goes horribly wrong.

If you look at many typical health business marketing they mistakenly focus their headline, copy and offer ( if they make one) – on themselves of their business.

Their website is all about them.

You see text such as:

” Welcome to our website”
“I have been a Physio for ten years”
“We treat necks, backs and shoulders”
“We have off street parking”

Plus the name of the business and the logo take up a large part of the webpage or the flyer.

Now while some of this sales copy can be an important to establish trust, prove you know what you are doing and present some point of difference – the main problem here is at no time has the health professional talked about the client.

More importantly – they have not described the desperate problem their ideal client is facing and how they are going to solve it.

Bottom line – you MUST identify and have a solution for a desperate problem – BEFORE – you can be a successful in selling anything.

Look at my business for example.

I could rave on about my programs and products – however at the end of the day, I understand I help health business owners earn more, work less and enjoy their lives.

Health business owners need more income, need to work less and need to spend more time with their family and friends – these are desperate problems I can help them solve.

So for goodness sake – as we move into a new year – take  a good look at your business marketing and make sure it all identifies and solves a desperate problem for your clients and patients.

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