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Use This Killer Activity to Get Your Team Engaged in Customer Service

My head is still buzzing with ideas following the Disney event with Vance “The Disney Guy” Morris in Sydney on Saturday Nov 16th.

Vance gave away the farm in his presentation and shared absolutely everthing he learnt and used during his ten years as a Disney executive in Orlando.

One fantastic idea he shared was to get your team to develop a “Perfect Client Experience Journey“.

Smart owners would have picked up the key words in the line above:

Your Team“.

Thats right – it is no use YOU developing the “Perfect Client Experience Journey” and then expecting you team to follow your direction.

The team need to own the creation of this pathway.

Vance’s idea is to have a general team meeting with all therapists, admin and managers where the focus is on creating the ideal client experience at your practice.

You start off my listing the steps of the client journey and numbering each step.

For example:

Step 1. Client call the practice for an appointment
Step 2. Client attends for the first visit – the admin greeting and paperwork
Step 3. The initial consultation with the professional
Step 4. The new patient follow up bookings
Step 5. The new patient follow up and thanks call

etc etc

You get the idea – right through to discharge and re-activation systems.

Once the team have come up with the full list of steps you then get your team to brainstorm what “Average Customer Service” would look like for each of the steps.

Then comes the killer activity.

Get your team to brainstorm and workshop what “Excellent Customer Service” would look like for each of the steps.

What you have now done is to get your team fully aware and engaged in what excellent customer service looks like – and an understanding of what they need to do to improve each of these steps.

The beauty of this process is that the team have come up with the solutions and the plan.

Once the task is done, you and the team start working on the steps you all agree need to be improved – from a customer service standpoint.

When done well – this process guarantees every client gets a follow up phone call, a thank you letter, a full treatment plan etc etc – because the team decided these actions are all part of the excellent customer service framework.

The direction does not come form you – it was created and developed by THEM

I loved it and suggest you do this exercise in your own practice NOW.

Customer Sevice Training Program

We did record the event on Saturday Nov 16th and assuming the footage and audio has come out OK – I will be creating my next “Done for You” team training program using Saturdays event as the core.

However, the “Ultimate Patient Experience” program WILL NOT be available until at least June 2020 as I have other projects I am working on until then,

So, if you want to ensure you are informed about the Patient Experience program when it becomes available in mid 2020 – please contact us and we will add you to the priority notification list.