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How to Make Every Patient Feel Special with 3 Simple Words

With the “Disney Magic” event THIS Saturday in Sydney it got me thinking about the amazing level of detail that goes into some of the Disney parks and the experiences they deliver.

I am a huge Disney fan – and absolutely love staying at the “Animal Kingdom” lodge when we are at Disney World in Florida – which we have stayed at multiple times ( I think I am still paying off the last trip).

Anyway – being a student of marketing, systems and client  satisfaction I notice a lot of the little things that make a Disney stay so memorable.

For example – when you drive up to the security gates of the Animal Kingdom Lodge – the guard always says:

Welcome Home Sir“.

Not most of the time – EVERY TIME.

I keep waiting for the one time they don’t say it – but even after multiple trips – I am still waiting for the system to fail.

It is a simple thing but the words ” welcome home sir ” put you instantly at ease and you feel exactly that – at home.

Once we have setled into our incredible “Savanna View Room” (the room upgrade I am still paying off) – you go out onto the balcony to be met by free roaming animals such as Giraffe, Zebra and Antelope – metres from your balcony while you sit there with a nice beverage.

Which gets me thinking – “How do Disney make sure the animals are up and around so we can always see some of them from our balcony?

The answer of course is FOOD

Disney staff are constantly putting out food in certain places at certain times – so the animals get to know the routine – and of course – follow the structure.

My favourite Disney animal story is how they were able to make the Lion sit on top of the rock most of the day – in the blazing Florida sun – think Lion King on Pride Rock.

Get this – Disney air conditioned the rock – so it is the coolest place for the Lion to sit.


Now what does this mean to you and your health business.

You may not be able to have Giraffe permanently stationed outside your practice – but that does’nt mean you can’t develop great client experience systems and processes in your health business.

Have you set up your systems and processes to ensure your client gets the same incredible experience at your practice – EVERY time they attend for a treatment?

Do your admin team have a script they use EVERY time to make the patient feel “at home” when they arrive or call the clinic – just like the security guard at Animal Kingsom Lodge?

Have you thought about client flow – your follow up process and client satisfaction and put sytems in place that are trainable and measurable?

If not – you run the risk of your hard earned patients turning to another practice  – one that makes them feel special, appreciated and delighted.

If you want to find out more examples of how Disney get incredible team member buy-in, system compliance and client loyalty, make sure you register for Vance “The Disney Guy” Morris at his  ONE Day event in Sydney THIS Saturday November 16th titled:

“Disney Magic – The Ultimate Patient Experience -How to Delight Clients, Create an Irresistible Team Culture and Make the Competition Irrelevant”

Final seats selling now – don’t miss this chance to learn the secrets of Disney (PLUS get your hands on many of their key customer service and team retention protocols). 

Can’t wait to see you all on Saturday in Sydney.



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