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Why Clients Don’t Trust Your Health Business

Health business owners and their teams often fail to understand the impact their “non consulting” activities and behaviour can have on the success of the business overall.

Have you ever seen a health professional out in the clinic car park having a blazing argument with their spouse, a therapist arriving for work late while their first patient is already sitting in the waiting area, or even the admin team at a practice complaining about having to work later than usual.

These are just some of the ways health businesses are losing the trust and confidence of their hard earned patients and clients.

Disney talk about the concept of “On Stage” and “Off Stage” – when outlining job descriptions and what is expected of every Disney “cast member”.

Disney is not only known for their excellent customer service, but also for creating a positive and memorable customer experience.

While working, each cast member is playing a character, whether it be a movie icon, a ticket seller, or a maintenance personnel.

They are all working toward a common goal of creating a positive environment when in sight or earshot of their guests.

Each Disney employee understands that in order to exceed the customer’s expectations, they need to make each guest feel special by personalizing their experience.

What Does it Mean to be On Stage?

On Stage is when an employee is in sight or earshot of a guest.

At your health business, you want to create a positive and memorable experience for your patients to guarantee they have a fantastic visit.

While at work you and your team should always be “On Stage” and make your patients the focus.

On Stage Behaviors Include:

– Smile and make eye contact with your clients at every opportunity

– Generate courteous and prompt responses to questions and needs

– Establish a clean and uncluttered environment with low noise levels

– Remain happy, courteous and helpful to your clients at all times

What does it mean to be Off Stage?

Off Stage occurs when you are not at work.

During this time you are not representing the practice and are free from work responsibilities.

Off Stage behaviors can create a negative atmosphere for your clients and suggest to them that they are not important.

It is necessary to be aware of Off Stage behaviors to make sure these actions don’t occur while you are at work or On Stage.

Off Stage Behaviors include::

– Personal conservations

– Personal phone calls

– Broadcasting personal opinions or affiliations through speech, clothing, or other propaganda

– Eating

– Expressions of anger or frustration

– Cluttered or unclean environment

– Personal tasks such as grooming, games, texts, reading magazines, etc.

– Complaining about the customer

– Complaining about anything

The key to a positive customer experience is making sure that Off Stage behaviors do not occur while you are On Stage.

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