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Why Don’t All Health Businesses Do This to Increase Profits and Stand Out from the Competition?

As you know I am a huge fan of using the telephone to stay in touch with past clients, however many health business owners and their teams do not take advantage of this opportunity.

I have harped on about the need to regular and systematic follow up calls for years in my emails and seminars  – yet I still get health professionals saying they fell salesy and desperate when they make these calls.

Well – as one of my mentors once told me – “Get Over Yourself Princess”.

Meaning – we need to focus more on helping the client overcome their problem and making sure they are now 100% – rather than focusing on our unfounded fear of feeling salesy during these calls.

If you and your team are too scared to make a phone call to a past patient to simply check how their problem is progressing – then you have to question how much rapport and trust you developed in their previous consultations.

The “how are you going” phone call should trigger the same emotions in the therapist as they get when calling a great friend or family member to check in on them.

It is the same phone call.

One of my private clients had a real fear when she started making these calls to past patients – however once she got her head right about the real reasons for these calls ( ie care for the client) – her whole attitude changed.

She now looks forward to making the calls, actively tells her current clients multiple times that she will be calling them to make sure they are OK – and her clients are absolutely loving how special they feel when she calls them.

Here is an exact message my client received from the parent of one of her clients following the “how are you” phone call:

Thanks for calling about Mary. She is actually doing really well in sport at the moment. She even competed in the cross country race and came 3rd in the final. She hasn’t complained any pain nor soreness after the race. Thank you for checking on her. We really appreciate your concern. We are indeed very lucky to have such a caring and personal physiotherapy practice in our area

Talk about great word of mouth referral generation and standing out from your competition.

Nothing beats a simple follow up protocol – NOTHING.

So get your act together and create your own systematic follow up phone call system for your health business NOW and don’t for a second try and tell me this is a salesy or unprofessional step.

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