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The Secret Question Guaranteed to Build a Quality Team Culture

Every health business owner knows the importance of developing a caring, nurturing and professional team culture – yet very few know how to actually achieve this.

Poor team culture leads to low morale, high staff turnover , reduced profits but more importantly – poor client outcomes.

So what can you do to instill a team culture that makes your business stand out from the competition and makes you the place where health professionals want to be part of.

Well , as part of my soon to be released “Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System” I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing USA based health business expert Brian Gallagher about how to gets his teams on board regarding selling, marketing and client outcomes.

In the session he shared an absolute cracker of an idea – which as soon as I heard it – made me see how great an impact this simple program can make to the culture of any health business.

He called it the “Give Me Five” program.

Brian;s “Give Me Five” is based around the importance of getting to know as much as you can about every client who comes into his health business and how treating each client as a real person gives you an incredible advantage over your competition.

Here’s how “Give me Five” works.

Whenever Brian was in one of his health businesses he would go up to one of his team members and ask them to tell him FIVE things about the client they were treating – or a client who had just left the practice.

However – here is the killer part of this.

The five things MUST be of a personal nature and not related to their condition or injury.

So examples of “Give Me Five” would be what suburb they live in, what sports they play, where they went to school, their favourite holiday destination, their favourite movie star, their footy team, their childrens names etc etc

Do you see the power of this simple program?

Steve Jenson once taught me the “Rule of Nine

The Rule of Nine says that if I know NINE personal things about you, and you know NINE personal things about me – then it is highly likely we have good rapport and know, like and trust each other.

That’s the power of creating this highly engaged and personal culture in your business.

So get to work and launch the “Give Me FIVE” program in your health business NOW – it is a vital part of developing a killer business culture.

Sell Without Selling Pack Launch Update

As well as the fantastic session with Brian Gallagher I have also interviewed 14 other fantastic business leaders in the health care space about their personal struggles with selling – and how they overcame these challenges in their businesses.

Some of the other program contributors who shared their sales and communication secrets in the final program are Nick Schuster, Jason Smith, Craig Allingham, Rick Lau, Jamey Schrier, Ted Jedynak , Steve Brossman and Terry Dean.

I have finished creating the “fill in the blanks” manual to accompany this final program which you will be able to give to your current and future team members to ensure they have learnt how to “sell without selling”.

The final pack is now in production so I plan on having a special launch offer in the last week of August – so keep an eye on your email in box for details.

If you want to guarantee you get notified when the final pack is available click on the link below and enter your name and email address – so I make sure you receive the information about the pack when we are ready to launch.

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