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Look in Front Not Behind to Build a Great Business and Life

I am not a huge reader or follower of inspirational quotes – however this came across my desk and i thought it had value.

It simply said:

The life in front of you is more important than the life behind you“.

A pretty simple and straightforward message – however an important message just the same.

I must admit – recently I have been beating myself up over some real estate transactions that have not gone exactly to plan.

You know the deal – sell at the wrong time, buy at the wrong time, buy without selling, waste money on stamp duties etc etc – I am sure you have all had the same happen to you over the years.

However – what is important is to forget about what has already happened – and focus on what is ahead of you.

It is easy, with the benefit of hindsight – to make a different decision, but that is not the way life works.

It is also easy to avoid mistakes – when you don’t make any decisions or take any risks.

The life of a health business is filled with challenges – here are just some of the hurdles myself and my private mentor clients have had to overcome:

– successful practice closed down overnight as the head tenant went bankrupt

– senior team member leaves and opens a new practice up the road – takes most of the database with them.

– all 6 therapists leave the business in a 3 month period – through no fault of the owner

– fire totally destroys the practice

– owner spends over 100k on legal costs to create agreements, contracts and leases only to find they are all useless

– owner commits to a 5k advertising campaign that does not generate a single new client for the practice

– owner spends 15k on a new treatment modality which the team wont use

– team member takes owner to court over wage issue – even thought they were paid well over the award

Now if this list is any indication of the challenges all health business owners face, then you can see why it is a tough gig being a business owner.

However – each and every one of these owners have dusted themselves off and got back into the game.

They looked forwards and did not dwell on their past issues or mistakes.

Mistakes are just part of business – the challenge is how you deal with them.

One way you can reduce the chances of making costly and painful mistakes is to make sure you have a good business coach or mentor to guide you with some of these major decisions.

A good mentor has often been in the exact same situation – they have lost team members, been ripped off by smart talking marketing agencies and even had their practice shut down overnight through no fault of their own (that was one of mine).

All successful business owners have a mentor or coach – so if you do not currently have one then it may be time to look further at this vital part of the business puzzle.

It is just too slow to do it on your own.

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