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Are You Bothering Your Clients and Patients with Follow Up Phone Calls?

In a recent mentor session with a valued VIP mentor client I was going over the most effective scripts and strategies for contacting past patients.

During the conversation she said something many health professionals think about when asked to make contact with past clients – she said:

Paul – I have 100% confidence in all the systems you have shown me so far in the mentor program – however I am worried I may be seen as desperate if I ring my past clients asking them to make another appointment“.

I must say – this is not the first time I have had a private mentor client or team member question the whole follow up call system.

No surprises really – when you consider one of the biggest fears health professionals have is to be seen as a “salesman” – scrounging around looking for extra consultations.

However – as I explained to my private client – the follow up phone call IS NOT a desperate attempt to make more appointments.

It is a genuine and heart felt effort to ensure any client you have had a consultation with – is now 100% and back doing the things they love to do.

If you feel at all sleazy or uncomfortable when contacting your past clients – then one of three things may have happened:

1. You have not developed enough rapport with the client to justify you making a personal phone call to check on their progress.

2. You don’t really care enough about their progress to ask them how they are going.

3. You are worried they are no better and your treatment program did not help them at all.

Now I know the majority of health professionals take great pride in the quality of care they deliver and care deeply about their clients progress – so the follow up phone call is just one way you show the client how much you care.

One simple way to make this follow up a more seamless process is to make sure you tell all clients, multiple times, you will be calling them regularly at various points on their journey with you to check on their progress.

Some of the worlds leading health businesses make a point – from the first consult – of letting clients know about the regular follow up call system.

The practice may use scripts such as the one below at reception when the client arrives for their initial consult:

Just to let you know Mrs Jones – we do things a little different here at XYZ – for example our therapists will contact you during and after your course of treatment just to make sure you are OK – so please expect our call

The therapist can also mention the call system at discharge with something like:

Just a reminder about our follow up program Mrs Jones – I will be calling you in 4 weeks to check in on your progress and to ask you how the ankle went on that holiday you have been so looking forward to“.

These conversations set up the follow up call system and make the client much more aware of the need for follow up and staying in touch.

I suggest you get cracking on your follow up systems and make sure all clients know you will be following up – it is one of the best client service opportunities available to all health businesses.

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