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Why Do Many Insurance Clients Book More Sessions Than Private Paying Clients?

In a recent mentor session with one of my valued private clients we were speaking about Patient Visit Average (PVA) and how this key metric was different for each of the therapists in my clients business.

Note – PVA is simply the average number of consultations delivered to your patients over a set period of time.

As the discussion moved forward it became clear to me – from looking at his business metrics – that private paying clients in his practice had a significantly lower PVA than for insurance clients whos treatment fees were being paid for by a third party.

Now this variation in treatment frequency raises some interesting ethical , professional and moral issues which few health business owners and professionals even think about.

If the health professionals job is to diagnose the patients problem and construct the optimal course of care to deliver the best outcome they why should the issue of “who is paying for it” –  be a factor at all.

All things being equal you would expect the private paying client and the third party paying client would both have the same PVA.

The other glaring issue is why the private clients are the ones with the lower PVA and not the insurance clients, as in many cases the third party will actually restrict the number of treatment sessions available to the insurance client.

So why is the poor old private paying client getting less treatment sessions than the insurance patient?

Unfortunately in most cases this variation in treatment frequency is due to chronic under-servicing on the part of the treating health professional and a concern over the private clients ability to actually pay for the sessions in the first place.

I suggest you run a report from your practice software system and see if their is a major difference in the PVA between private and insurance paying clients and bring this issue up with your team.

This issue of money, PVA, re-booking frequency and under-servicing was the major reason why I ran the “Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System ” seminar last Saturday in Sydney with my great friend Steve Jensen.

Health professionals just don’t learn the skills of successful selling, rapport building, gaining trust and closing sales in our university training.

If you were not one of the lucky attendees at the sold out event you will be pleased to know I recorded the full day and and will be creating my next done for you team training program from the footage.

I have also been busily interviewing a range of other fantastic business leaders in the health care space about their personal struggles with selling – and how they overcame these challenges in their businesses.

Some of the other program contributors who share their sales and communication secrets in the final program are Nick Schuster, Jason Smith, Craig Allingham, Rick Lau, Jamey Schrier, Ted Jedynak , Steve Brossman and Terry Dean.

I will also be creating a “fill in the blanks” manual to accompany this final program which you will be able to give to your current and future team members to ensure they have learnt how to “sell without selling“.

The final pack should be available in mid August so keep an eye on your email in box for details of my super special launch offer.

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