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Why I Almost Got Sacked for My First Physio Job – Lessons from Saturdays Sales Event

In front of the sold out audience at last Saturdays “Sell Without Selling” event in Sydney with Steve Jensen – I shared a personal story about how I absolutely messed up on day one of my first job in private practice.

There I was – fresh and keen with my university degree and some time in the public hospital system under my belt  – only to be confronted by my first ever “PAYING ” patient.

This young guy was recovering from an ACL reconstruction and it was his first physio appointment post op – and he drew the short straw and got me as his therapist.

I did a pretty good assessment, or so I believed at the time, and proceeded to write him a comprehensive list of home exercises.

At the end of the first treatment session – I told him to give us a call in a few weeks and we will arrange a follow up session and check his exercises.

No appointment re-booked – nothing – I told him to call me in a few weeks.

As you can imagine – when my employer found out about my lack of re-booking and over reliance on a home exercise program – she hit the roof – with good reason.

However – and here is the clincher

I remember my employer telling me I needed to re-book post op ACL clients every few days (at least in the early stages of their rehab)  and I clearly remember my reaction:

She just wants me to re-book them because she will make more money – they can do their exercises at home“.

Now there are a lot if layers to this situation:

– the lack of training regarding my re-booking system and how little preparation I had before being put in front of a new patient in this clinic

– my own issues with money and not wanting the client to be out of pocket

– my own insecurities regarding the actual quality of what i was going to deliver to this client

– the fact many clients will not even do their home exercises 

You can see how complex an issue this is.

At the “Sell Without Selling” event last Saturday – Steve Jensen did an absolutely masterful job of condensing his thirty plus years of experience in sales and communication – into a simple step by step formula all health professionals can use in their treatment programs and practices.

Steve shared the true meaning of selling and made us all realize how incredibly ill prepared all health professionals are when we start in private practice – especially with regards to re-booking, gaining client confidence, selling products and reducing cancellations.

If you were not one of the lucky attendees at the sold out event you will be pleased to know I recorded the full day and and will be creating my next done for you team training program from the footage.

I have also been busily interviewing a diverse mix of other fantastic business leaders in the health care space about their personal struggles with selling – and how they overcame these challenges in their businesses.

I will also be creating a “fill in the blanks” manual to accompany this final program which you will be able to give to your current and future team members to ensure they have learnt how to “sell without selling“.

The final pack should be available in mid August so keep an eye on your email in box for details of my super special launch offer.

If you want to guarantee you get notified when the final pack is available click on the link below and enter your name and email address – so I make sure you receive the information on the pack when we are ready to launch.



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