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Do You Even Need a Team in Your Health Business – Is There a Better Way?

In a recent Profit Club interview I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to USA based health professional Lisa Holland – where she shared her personal journey as a health business owner.

Lisa – aka – “The Belly Guru” (love the name) started from small beginnings as a sole trader then took the plunge and opened a much larger practice – only to discover this new enterprise was a massive mistake.

Large overheads, lots of staff and reduced time with her young family led to her simply closing it all down and going back to a solo operator practice with her as the only team member.

Now whilst some may consider Lisa’s journey a business failure – I think of it more as a crucial business lesson for all health professionals.

Bigger is not always better.

I speak in my seminars about the “Mr X” practice model.

This model involves a health professional doing the hands on consulting work themselves, charging relatively high fees, keeping expenses to a minimum, and some not even having admin support.

As a result Mr X (or Ms/Mrs X as the case may be) – works the hours they want, takes all school holidays off and has none of those painful staff issues many business owners complain about.

Lisa Holland is a classic example of the “Mr X” model.

Now it may sound strange for a business consultant like me – who is always raving on about passive income, building systems, and creating a business that works without you, to speak about running a business with NO staff.

However – we all need to decide what is the best business model for us and our specific circumstances – just like Lisa did.

Sometimes larger locations and more staff just leads to more headaches and less time with your family and friends.

All health business owners should take notice of Lisa’s persona journey and apply these lessons to our own business future.

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