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Are You Being Negligent Regarding Your Patients Treatment Plans?

As part of my preparation for the “Sell Without Selling” event in Sydney on June 29th – I have been speaking to a lot of very high profile and well respected health providers about their personal thoughts on the selling of health services.

In one such discussion last week – one of the worlds leading professional educators went so far as to say many therapists are currently being negligent in their patient care.

The reason for their negligent behavior is wait for it – UNDER-SERVICING – so not booking in the required number of consultations to deliver the client the best outcome.

That’s right – this expert believes (as do many others)  under-servicing of patients is reducing client outcomes, limiting results and putting the patient at risk.

This about this for a second.

In many health professionals minds their job is to get the client the desired result with the least number of consultations possible.

Many younger professionals even believe the less treatment sessions required to fix a specific clients issue – the better they are as a health professional.

As a result – this “less treatment sessions the better” mindset creates a culture of under-servicing and one where the financial position of the client determines the number of treatments required – not the number of consults which will deliver the best outcome for the client.

Many health professionals get caught up in the “Money Trap” – where they think their job is to save the patient money by skimping on treatment sessions or not selling them a product that may help give a better result.

Many health professionals worry about the cost of the treatments they deliver and as a result – book less follow up sessions to ensure the cost to the client is as low as possible.

Some even tailor their recommended treatment plans based on the value of the car the client owns, the clients profession, or the suburb the client lives in.

What we all need to understand is your job as a health professional is to deliver a great result to your client and give them the best possible care – as outlined in your professional code of conduct.

Regardless of the financial status of the patient.

One of the most important lessons I taught each and every team member who worked in my practices – is very simple:

“The financial status of your clients is NONE of your business.”

Your job is to give the client the best possible outcome – end of story.

This is a hard lesson for many new therapists to get their head around – especially if they have personally struggled for money during their university days, came from a lower income family, or have worked in a public health setting for some time where treatment is provided for FREE.

If you are a health business owner and feel your team are under-servicing in any way – you have a moral obligation to sit them down and explain their duty of care.

Explain the consequence of under-servicing – not only to the client, but to their professional as a whole.

I hope this help you in your health business.

“Sell Without Selling Already 80% Full” – Don’t Miss Out

This need for a better understanding of the under-servicing mindset, re-booking systems and communication is why I’ve recruited one of the world’s leading communication and sales training experts Steve Jensen to hold a one-day workshop with me in June.

It’s called, “The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System.”

This is unlike any sales training you’ve ever seen before as it is dedicated exclusively to health business owners.and their team.

You and your team will discover how to create better client outcomes, sell more of your products, and generate referrals consistently – and discard the whole issue of under-servicing forever.

Patients will follow your team’s recommendations because of how they position themselves and speak from a place of authority and caring.

Some of the shifts are so subtle you wouldn’t even see them unless you know what you’re looking for.

This event is already over 80% subscribed – so if you have not yet booked your seat then you need to  act FAST.

Find out full details and register for this done for you team training to help patients book appointments, follow team recommendations, and complete their treatment programs.

See you in Sydney on June 29th, 2019.



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