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The One Interview Question Which Predicts the Success of a New Therapist

There is no easy way to say it – interviewing health professionals and admin team members to work in your health business can be a pain.

There is so much uncertainty in the interview process.

Will the new team member fit in?

Will they gain the trust of the clients easily and quickly?

Will they be able to re-book sessions and back their clinical skills?

And most importantly – will the new team member be profitable?

We all know the interview process can be a minefield – as applicants may look great on paper and interview well – but once they start working in your practice they just fail to fill their schedules and become a drain on the business finances.

That being said – from over 20 years of health professional interviewing there was one question which consistently identified the applicant who was going to do well in my business – and the question has NOTHING to do with their clinical skills or professional training.

Here it is:

“What did your parents do?”

That’s right – the single biggest predictor of success for a new therapist or admin team member was related to the line of work the applicants parents had.

If the applicants parents ran any sort of small to medium sized business – this was a clear signal to me the applicant had at least some understanding of sales, marketing and business in general.

They would have sat around the dinner table talking about selling, marketing, staff challenges, tax, profitability, offers, rents, recruitment – the list goes on.

They would have seen their parents struggles to balance the books and make sure the business provided enough money to keep food on the table.

The applicant from the small business family understands the need to make PROFIT.

If the applicants did not come from a small business family – they may have never been exposed to the many issues and concerns every small business owner faces.

They may not understand how much it costs to get the phone to ring, the value of asking for referrals, or the importance of following up all potential clients.

I have lost count of the number of times I had to remind therapists about doing a great action plan at the end of a treatment, booking sessions in advance, and even recommending a product the client obviously needed.

Now it is possible to train team members to be better at their selling and conversion processes – even if they are not from a small business family – but this training needs to be done well so the therapist does not feel salesy or uncomfortable.

This need for professional sales and communication training is why I’ve recruited one of the world’s leading communication and sales training experts Steve Jensen to hold a one-day workshop with me.

It’s called, “The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System.”

This is unlike any sales training you’ve ever seen before as it is dedicated exclusively to health business owners.and their team.

You and your team will discover how to create better client outcomes, sell more of your products, and generate referrals consistently – even if you do not come from a small business family.

And you’ll do it by demonstrating your expertise and credibility.

Patients will follow your team’s recommendations because of how they position themselves and speak from a place of authority and caring.

Some of the shifts are so subtle you wouldn’t even see them unless you know what you’re looking for.

Find out full details and register for this done for you team training to help patients book appointments, follow team recommendations, and complete their treatment programs.
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