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What to Say When You Are Asked – How Much is a Consultation?

I have been speaking a lot in my recent emails about how big an impact my good friend and sales mentor Steve Jensen has had on my business success.

In one of my very early mentor sessions with Steve – nearly 20 years ago now – he shared with me one of the most important business lessons I have ever learnt.

The Red Brain – Green Brain Concept.

I can honestly say – this single golden nugget Steve shared with me so many years ago – has helped my clients and I earn hundreds of thousands of dollars – but more importantly, allowed us to help so many people live pain free and keep doing the things they love to do.

The Red Brain – Green Brain concept relates to how the human brain making decisions and fundamental to the concept is the fact humans cannot make a buying decision on a “Red Brain”.

Let me explain by using a classic example from the health care industry.

A potential client calls your practice and asks the age old question – “How Much is a Consultation

As Steve shared with me so long ago – this is a Red Brain question as it relates to a factual issue – ie a dollar amount.

It does not get any more Red Brain – than that.

The mistake the admin team then make is to answer the Red Brain question with a Red Brain answer – so the admin team reply with “$90 dollars” – at which point the caller says thanks very much and hangs up.

What Steve shared with me is you need to turn the Red Brain (factual / analytical) question – into a Green Brain (emotional) discussion – before the person will be able to make a buying decision and make an appointment.

As Steve preaches – “People won’t buy on a Red Brain – as we all buy emotionally and justify logically“.

If you have been around my programs and seminars for any length of time you will know the single best reply to any Red Brain question – like the “How Much is a consult” question above.

The correct answer being – “What have you done?“.

These 4 words – “what have you done” – become the answer to almost all questions you and your admin team receive from potential clients – including:

– How much is a consult?

– Are you open Saturdays?

– Do you treat knee problems?

etc etc etc

These are all Red Brain (analytical) questions and must be quickly turned into Green Brain conversations BEFORE the person can make a buying decision and book a consultation.

Your job it to recognize the Red Brain question and turn it into a Green Brain conversation as soon as you can.

Then, and only then, is the caller able to make the appointment and get the help they so desperately need.

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Some of the words are so subtle you wouldn’t even see them unless you know what you’re looking for – just like the Red Brain / Green Brain concept Steve shared with me so long ago.

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