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Therapists Who Book More New Patients And Produce Better Client Outcomes

Health business owners often share with me how frustrated they are with their team members in the areas of communication, re-booking sessions, and recommending products.

I understand, because I’ve been there.

How can you train your team to insure patients re-book and pre-book their full treatment plan?

How can you get your team to recommend a product without feeling guilty?

How can your therapists develop trust quickly to get clients to book an appointment?

How do you get patients to book with other therapists instead of waiting for you, the owner?

How do you stop your team from worrying about looking like a sales person?

That last one is a big one.

Your therapists are professionals. The last thing they want to look like is a pushy salesperson.

And the reality is most of your team are not sold on the price of treatment.

They don’t realize how important it is for them to ‘sell’ the patient on achieving the best possible results.

This isn’t something they taught us at University.

And most health business owners are too overwhelmed and time poor to train their team.

Even if you do take your precious time out to train them, your therapists and admin team members are only partially paying attention.

Their eyes glaze over as you talk about the importance of getting patients to re-book.

In their minds, you may just want to pad your pockets with more of the patients’ money.

That’s why every team member has to be sold on the value they can deliver. They can create life changing results for their patients…but only if those same patients follow the team’s recommendations.

And that’s where Steve Jensen and I come in. Steve is one of the world’s leading communication and sales training experts.

He has clients who were generating $65,000 per month jump to $850,000 per month within just 12 months.

Give us just 8 hours and we’ll train your team to confidently book follow up sessions, make appointments over the phone, develop instant rapport with all new clients and fill their appointment books with ideal patients at our one day event…

“The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System – Done For You Team Training to Help Patients Book Appointments, Follow Team Recommendations and Complete Their Treatment Programs”

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It’s being held in Sydney on June 29th.

And it’s for you if you’re a current or future health owner who needs to build rapport, increase re-booking compliance, and reduce cancellation rates.

It’s for professionals who want to put in place the essential communication, sales and rapport building protocols needed to run a successful health business in the new economy – and not feel like a salesperson.

It’s for practice managers and admin team members who need to understand exactly how to be better communicators and problem solvers.

And it’s for all allied health business owners wanting to earn more, work less and enjoy their lives.

Find out full details about the event…and how we’ll hand you the proven scripts that will transform not only your practice but also produce better outcomes for your patients as they finally follow your professional recommendations…

See you in Sydney on June 29th, 2019.

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