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How a Patient Made Me An Extra $500,000

A chance encounter with one of my patients was worth at least an extra $500,000 to my practice.

This happened close to 20 years ago.

Steve was a patient of my practice and he overheard me taking a call from a potential patient.

He was likely shaking his head in shame at what he heard.

See, Steve Jensen is one of the world’s leading communication and sales training experts and has increased the profits of thousands of businesses around the world.

He has had clients who were generating $65,000 per month jump to $850,000 per month in as little as 12 months.

Frankly, Steve felt sorry for me and is always looking for ways to help business owners increase profits and help more people.

He quietly took me aside and gave me a simple script to use on the phone that got more patients to book appointments.

That script has been worth at least $500,000 to me and my clients over the years.

And even more important is how it has allowed us to help more new patients achieve great results from their treatment programs.

I can’t tell you many lives have been transformed by Steve’s generosity that day?

Recently, I convinced him to do something that’s going to have a multiplication effect for several dozen practice owners…and help them bring in tens of thousands of dollars over the next decade.

Because that little phone script is just one small way Steve can help you better serve your patients.

Steve and I will be doing a one day only event on June 29th in Sydney.

It’s called “The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System – Done for You Team Training to Help Patients Book Appointments, Follow Team Recommendations and Complete Their Treatment Programs.”

In just ONE DAY , we can turn even your most timid team members into confident income generators who create better client outcomes, sell more of your products, and generate referrals consistently.

You will leave this seminar with your exact step by step sales, telephone conversion and rapport building training system – no more uncertainty, stress or worry that happens when you don’t know how to train your team in sales – without appearing salesy.

As attendees will see, Steve’s approach is unique.

And here’s a little secret to get almost unbelievable results.

Don’t tell your team this is ‘sales training.’

Instead, Steve is going to help you and your team members to see the value they can provide.  They’ll walk away with a greater belief and a sense of purpose for the results they can achieve for your clients.

We’ll hand them the exact words and scripts to use for booking follow up sessions, making appointments over the phone, developing instant rapport with all new clients and filling their appointment books with ideal patients.

And we’ll transform their thinking to where they can consistently sell…and produce much better outcomes for your clients…while feeling comfortable with the words they use and their role as a professional in your clients’ lives.

Because seats are limited and time is running out.

And if by the end of the event, you don’t agree you received strategies, tips and ideas that can make you thousands of extra dollars in revenue – then we will give you your money back – no problems.

See you in Sydney on June 29th, 2019.