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Rocky Steps and a Lesson in Business from the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia

Following my live events in Canada – Helen and I made our way into the USA and had an incredible few days in Philadelphia.

I loved Phili – ran the Rocky Steps, learnt some American history – and saw a great business in operation – the Ritz Carlton in downtown Philadelphia.

Helen and I were not even stating at the Ritz Carlton – but loved the exterior of the building –  so we went for a look inside.

We were warmly welcomed by the manager of the restaurant who proceeded to show us around the hotel – and tell us some interesting facts about the hotel.

Then – even after finding out we were not staying at his hotel – he invited us to come into the hotel restaurant for breakfast the next morning – HIS treat.

How about that for customer service and making a visitor to the city feel special?

We went back the next day for a fantastic FREE breakfast in the Ritz Carlton – and were treated like royalty – even though we were not ever staying at this hotel.

Now what is the business lesson here for all health business owners?

Never be afraid of giving away your product or service to your ideal clients – it DOES NOT devalue you as a professional.

Many health business owners are worried about doing a free pre assessment, a free phone consult, a free evaluation, a free sports team screening etc – for fear this devalues their main service.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As Jay Abraham said in one of his business lectures – “Add value to your client – even before any money changes hands“.

The best businesses in the world continue to add value to their ideal clients – well before any money is spent.

Now here I am telling all of you about the fantastic experience we had at the Ritz Carlton – you can’t pay enough for this sort of third party endorsement.

So look for ways to help people get what they want – and you will always get what you want.

I hope this helps you in your health business.