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How to Stop Patients Just Wanting to See You – the Business Owner

Health business owners around the world struggle with one key problem:

How to get patients to book in with other therapists and not just wait to see them.

It is almost epidemic – a patient calls a practice and either because they have treated by the owner previously, or a referral has been made from a doctor or other source – they only want to be seen by the owner.

This is in spite of the best efforts of the admin team – who have been scripted well to shuffle the caller to another team member.

This leads to the owners appointment book being full to the brim for weeks in advance – and the associates appointment books having gaps everywhere.

Not a great way to run a business.

However – there is one golden solution to this problem.

Use GOOGLE Ads to generate new patients who have no pre-existing relationship or knowledge of the hard working health business owner.

There is no doubt a well running Google Ads campaign is one of the most effective marketing systems on the planet.

If this campaign is set up correctly – your ads are only seen by people in your immediate area – who are actively searching for a solution to their current injury or issue.

However – best of all – your advert and landing page can be structured to have very little information about the health business owner – and focus more on how your team can assist this potential client.

These Google generated leads are perfect clients to be added to your associates diaries as the caller just wants a solution to their problem and does not really care who delivers the solution.

To get the best results from your Google Ads campaign you need to have well worded ad copy, an exceptionally well converting landing page – which speaks directly to the frustrations of the caller, and great follow up systems.

Otherwise Google Ads can be a giant waste of time and money.

However – done well – Google Ads is a fantastic way to fill your associates diaries and remove the stress of the owner having such a long waiting list.

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