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Who Else Watches Married at First Sight – Wrighty’s Confession

OK – I admit it – I am a “Married at First Sight” (MAFS) fan.

I feel better already now this is out in the open as it has been a heavy secret to carry.

For those not familiar with this TV ratings juggernaut – MAFS is a “reality”  television program where couples are matched by experts and meet each other for the first time on their “wedding day”.

The program then follows each couple for the next 2 months – filming every fight, dinner party and makeup application session.

The highlight of the show however, has to be the weekly “commitment ceremony” – where the couples write on a card if they each want to leave or stay in the relationship for another week.

Absolute classic train wreck television.

However, in true Wrighty competitive spirit – I started a “MAFS Tipping Competition” – where before the weekly commitment ceremony my daughters and a group of family friends send me the names of which people they think will write “stay” or “leave” that week.

It adds a lot of fun to the viewing experience and also gives me a reason to speak to my daughters and sister each week.

Now before you email me commenting on my poor choice of leisure activities or lose any remaining respect – have a think about the business lessons we can take away from MAFS and from my tipping competition.

Lesson One – If You Can’t Beat Them Join Them

I could rant and rave about the heavily scripted “reality” show, say how fake it is and snub my nose at the whole concept – HOWEVER– it is a massive rating show – so lots of people are watching it.

So instead of rubbishing it – I chose to get involved and make a fun event for my family and friends.

Lesson Two – Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

A large number of your current clients and patients will be watching this show (or shows like it) – so take advantage of this and start your own tipping competition or event based on the show.

Use the current buzz around the show as content for your social media posts, write about it in your emails, or use the show as an anchor for one of your offers.

Your patients and clients are not really that interested in the latest knee rehabilitation exercise – as much as they may need this information.

When one of the highest rating shows in the Australia is “Married at First Sight” – and in the USA is “The Bachelor” – there has to be a lesson here about what the average person is more interested in.

Lesson Three – Look for Local and Topical Issues and Use Them in Your Marketing

The smartest business owners on the planet are always looking to link their business marketing activities and offers to areas of high public interest and awareness.

How often do you see an “Election Offer”, a “Valentines Day Special”, an “End of Financial Year Deal”  a “Footy Finals Deal” or a “Queens Birthday Sale”.

These smart owners tap into the current buzz in their community and link specials and offers to these areas of interest.

I suggest you do the same in your health business.

Paul Wright