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The Biggest Problem with Social Media for Health Professionals

If there is one major problem being faced by health business owners around the world it is being time poor.

Think about the huge list of tasks and activities you are dealing with each and ever week including:

Team training, recruitment, payroll, tax compliance, systems development, program development, IT, joint venture partner programs, leasing, marketing – the list is endless.

Then you have to include balancing family time and if lucky – time for yourself – as well as your face to face patient hours if you still have a patient list.

It is no wonder the minefield of social media and how to use it effectively in health businesses is such a concern for health business owners.

The overriding issue here is the old FOMO concept – Fear of Missing Out.

We all hear about health businesses having incredible success with Facebook Ads, Facebook Live, Google Ads, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube Ads or LinkedIn – and we instantly think we should be doing the same in our health businesses.

Now whilst I am a firm believer in being aware of as many marketing channels as possible – we also need to understand the limitation on our time.

Take Google Ads for example.

There are companies out there with teams of people who spend their entire day JUST creating Google Ads for their clients.

Testing multiple ads, finding out what works, changing keywords, creating negative keywords and keeping up with the daily changes in the Google Ads platform.

The same can be said for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, You Tube and Linkedin.

Now if some people spend each and every working day 100% focused on JUST ONE of these social media channels – how is it possible for a health business owner to fully understand and use all of them.

The simple answer is – IT IS NOT.

You simply cannot be across all social media platforms with any chance of success.

There is just too much to do and know.

So what is the solution?

I believe the most successful health business owners do two things incredible well when it comes to social media use for their businesses.

Firstly – they understand the over arching strategy and fundamental principles of marketing.

Secondly – they master ONE social platform and do it well.

I am a classic example of this.

I understand the principles of marketing exceptionally well and use LinkedIn as my major social media channel.

So my lesson for you is very simple.

Don’t get overwhelmed and stressed because you feel you should be all over each and every social media platform.

Take the time to understand the fundamentals and then choose JUST ONE platform to sink your teeth into.

I hope this helps you in your health business

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