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What’s Next? The Question You Must Always Be Asking

To be a successful business owner you need to be ahead of the game and aware of potential threats and changes coming your way.

These threats may include a competitor opening a new practice in your area, changes to insurance rebates, or a team member leaving your practice.

One thing I can guarantee you is that health business ownership is never a smooth ride.

Which is why you must always be asking yourself one key question?

What’s Next?

Meaning you need to be continually creating new programs, developing new systems, trialing new marketing methods – BECAUSE – there is no guarantee your current processes will work forever.

You need to be systematically moving from one promotion or campaign to the next – as you cannot afford to relax based on your past success

My business is a classic case of this.

I have just completed the 2019 World Physio Business Success Summit – a huge event – which had over 1000 registrations and more than 30 presenters.

However, even while this event was running – I was already working on the next major project.

My April 2019 Canadian seminar tour and a one off live event in Sydney with my sales mentor and good friend Steve Jensen.

In business you do not have the luxury of basking in the success of one of your promotions or campaigns for very long – you MUST always be looking ahead to the next campaign.

Equally if one of your events or campaigns fails miserably – which has happened to all of us – you do not sit around moping and complaining.

You do exactly the same thing you do after a successful program.

You ask “What’s Next?”.

If you don’t actually have a “What’s Next” – you and your business are at serious risk of becoming stale, being overtaken by your hungry competitors, or being forgotten by your once loyal clients because you have just not kept up with the marketplace.

My current private mentor clients are always working on their “What’s Next”.

One is creating a new packaged treatment program, one is fitting out their new practice, one is developing a new marketing campaign to other local businesses, another is creating a new system for keeping in touch with their past client list.

None of them are sitting on their hands, patting themselves on the back over their past success, or complaining about a recent failure.

So I ask each and every one of you this key question:

What’s Next for YOU?

Then get to work on your next project, system or campaign.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

Canada 2019 Live Events – Early Bird Rates Available

As you just read – my “What’s Next” is a 3 event live seminar tour of Canada in April, 2019

I am kicking off the tour with our first ever “Ultimate Client Attraction Bootcamp” in Quebec.

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Then an elite 10 person only “Mastermind” event – also in Toronto.

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Sell Without Selling – Live Event in Sydney

Another of my “What’s Next” items is the brand new live training event with myself and international sales and communication expert Steve Jensen – being held in Sydney in June.

All successful health professionals and business owners understand the importance of the words we use and how to give clients confidence in our ability to help them with their health issue.

However – we never learn these skills at university

Which is why Steve and I have created this ONE DAY event:

The Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System – Done for You Team Training to Help Patients Book Appointments, Follow Team Recommendations and Complete Their Treatment Programs

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