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How to Measure Your Admin Team Performance and Reduce Cancellations

As the dust from the incredible “World Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Business Success Summit” settles – I once again want to turn your attention to the importance of your admin team in the success of your health business.

Hopefully – having listened or watched the experts on the summit I do not need to convince you just how vital your admin team are to your success – however there is a common question I get asked at almost all of my presentations:

“How to I measure the performance of my admin team so I know they are doing a great job?”

All great health businesses have solid KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for their therapists – however very few have KPIs for their admin team members.

Which is a BIG MISTAKE.

To get you thinking about exactly what to measure when it comes to your admin teams performance – here is just one of the KPI’s you should be tracking:

Patients Added to Cancellation Follow Up List

All admin team members MUST understand their primary role in your business is to FILL THE APPOINTMENT BOOK and one key way to keep the diary full is to reduce the number of cancellations in your practice.

If you have been following my programs for some time you would have heard about the One Minute Practice online health business tracking system I created to allow owners to track and keep measure of your teams key function and roles.

One of the key parts of this system is the “Cancellation Call Register“.

Here is how it works.

If a client calls the practice wanting to cancel an appointment the admin team immediately has a vital job to do – ensure the client re-books another session on that call.

You would have scripts and systems on how you want your admin team to handle this, however the bottom line is for the admin team to do their absolute best to ensure this caller does not hang up without another scheduled appointment.

If for some reason the patient does not want to book a replacement session – the caller is told:

OK Mrs Jones – I will get the therapist to give you a call to make sure all is OK and check in on your progress

This clients name and details are then added to the “Cancellation Call Register” – which all therapists check daily and use it to make sure they have made these highly important calls to their clients who have cancelled a session but have no follow up appointments booked.

So what is the admin team KPI related to this?

Simply – to keep the number of clients added to the “Cancellation Call List” to under 10 per month per full time therapist.

So you are measuring the ability of the admin team member to prevent a client from cancelling and not making a follow up session.

A vital KPI for your admin team as it reminds them their key role is not to answer the phone and cancel the appointment – but to assist the client in making a replacement session as the therapist had a specific reason to see them and missing the session could negatively impact the clients progress.

Remember – your team can’t hit a target they cannot see, so make them aware of this system and how you are measuring the results of your “Cancellation with No Follow up” campaign.

Then train them in all the ways they can assist you in achieving the goal.

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I hope this helps you in your health business.



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