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Should You Use Scripts in Your Health Business? This Guy Should

One common question I get in my seminars and events is related to whether we should provide scripts for therapists and admin team members to use when they are speaking with our clients and patients.

Many health professionals don’t like the idea of using sales scripts as these structured conversations make them feel salesy and non genuine.

However, many professionals fail to realize they are already using scripts in their businesses – with the problem being they are bad ones.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a health professional say diary and profit killing things such as:

Call me if you need another appointment

Cancel the next session if you are feeling OK

“An orthotic might help – call me if you want me to get some for you“.

Give me a call after your holiday and I will see if I can fit you in

The list of poorly constructed conversations goes on and on – however the worst thing is these professionals are repeating the above scripts each and every day.

These ARE their scripts.

Poor scripts are everywhere in business, even at my local movie theatre.

My beautiful wife Helen and I went to the movies last week and as we paid for the tickets we noticed an increase in ticket price compared to our previous visit.

When I asked about the new price – the guy behind the counter said:

“Yea – they have been putting up their prices a lot lately – a real lot

Maybe this team member did not receive the memo about what to say when a customer asks about the new fee structure – or there was no training or script in place for him to use anyway.

Don’t make this mistake in your health business as you need to train your team in how to handle the important conversations that happen each and every day in your health business.

My good friend, mentor and sales training guru – Steve Jensen– is a big believer in using scripts in all businesses.

In fact Steve was the guy who taught me how to answer the phone correctly when I started my first health business over 20 years ago – and made me hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue from his incredible sales training.

In Steve’s fantastic session at the 2019 World Physiotherapy ad Physical Therapy Business Success Summit – Steve shares his secret system for how to use scripts effectively and how we can use scripts and prompts to INCREASE rapport and improve client satisfaction.

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