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How Did This Guy Sell His Health Business for 7 Figures then Buy it Back for $1?

One of the best parts of my current business is having the opportunity to interview and learn from some of the worlds leading health business owners and educators.

These experts are incredible.

I contact them out of nowhere and ask them to give up their valuable time to share some of their hard earned business and life knowledge.

One such expert is Brian Gallagher – one of the brand new speakers at the 2019 version of the World Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Business Success Summit.

Now I had heard about Brian from some other business experts – however it was only during our summit interview – that I learned the full Brian Gallagher story.

This guys story is fascinating and one you must take the time to learn from.

Brian graduated from university in the USA as a Physical Therapist – then started a health care recruitment company AND a Physical Therapy practice – at around the same time.

Business Lesson #1 – take massive action and don’t put all your eggs into the one basket.

Anyway – he then builds his PT business to the point where he had multiple locations – before being approached by a potential buyer – and sold them all.

Business Lesson #2 – Always be ready to sell

Then my favorite part of Brian’s story – less than 2 years after the sale – the purchasers default on a payment which gives Brian the legal power to buy back all of his clinics for JUST $1.

Business Lesson #3 – Always pay for great legal representation (Brian tells you more about this in his interview).

He then goes on to rebuild the businesses – before selling the whole operation AGAIN.

That’s right – he sold the same business twice.

Business Lesson #4 – Good players make their own luck. 

Meaning this only happened because Brian was an exceptional business owner and able to see opportunity and reward in every situation.

As you can obviously tell – I loved the summit session with Brian.

Brian even went on to share one the best KPI’s I have ever heard about – which is an essential number all owners MUST know if you want to run a profitable and successful practice.

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See you at the summit.



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