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The Truth About Online Booking in Health Care – This Experts Opinion Will Shock You

For this month’s Profit Club and Profit Club Academy training session – I had the absolute pleasure of learning from leading USA based Physical Therapist and website guru Christine Walker.

In her exceptional Profit Club training session titled “Six Super Successful Website Success Secrets” – Christine lifts the lid on how to make your website a 24/7 sales team for your health business – and the biggest mistakes most business owners make online.

In the presentation Christine also shares her controversial views on the evils of the online booking button and the damage this feature can do to your marketing and reputation.

Now in the online world we live in, the majority of health business owners want to give clients the opportunity to make a booking from their home computer at any time of the day or night.

On first observation – this seems to make a lot of sense – however , as Christine explains, this 24/7 online booking function can create more problems than it solves.

One major issue with online booking functions – is they allow patients to make decisions on which clinic to visit without being pre qualified by the practice first.

Meaning – a potential client can surf the internet and simply choose to make an appointment using the “Book Online” button – but not really understand what makes this practice special – or the highly detailed differences between this practice and their competitors.

Christine prefers her potential clients to fill in a simple lead generation form on her websites – rather than use an online booking button.

This process allows Christine and her team to contact the potential client, get more information about the person, make sure they are a good fit, and develop strong rapport – BEFORE – the client attends for their first session.

As Christine says – this rapport building process dramatically increases the show rate (as online bookings are well know to not attend their scheduled appointment), increases client compliance with future booking recommendations, and leads to increase referrals.

Christine also talks about the problems created by online booking systems which can show a therapists full availability (who wants to go a therapist who is not popular) and also shows your full  consultation price list – something you should never have on your website.

This was one of my best Profit Club training sessions ever.

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