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A New Year – a New Opportunity

Well – here we are at the start of yet another year – and as always – it is important you take stock of your past 12 months business performance – and plan to make this coming year even better.

I do exactly the same thing in my business at the start of each new year.

Here is just part of what I have planned for you and your teams in the next 12 months:

1. Group Mentoring

In early 2019 year I will be hosting the “One Minute Practice – Fast-Track” group mentoring program.

This 6 week intensive program will include 6 x 2 hour online training sessions where I take you through – step by step – the exact processes and procedures you need to free yourself from your health business.

More on this in future emails – keep your eyes on your email inbox.

2. Canada and UK Events in April /May

It looks like I will be heading back to Canada and the UK in  2019 – so keep an eye out for more information as we get further into the new year.

3. A New Team Training Pack – How to Sell Without Selling

The incredible success of my current team training programs Ultimate Social Media. Ultimate Patient Attraction , Ultimate Referrals and Ultimate Front Desk – I will be turning my attention to a “done for you” team training program designed to help health business owners and their teams get their heads around the important of sales – without feeling salesy.

This is one of the biggest challenges facing all health business owners – as none of us received any training in rapport building, asking for the business, making the re-bookings, selling the orthotics – – the list goes on.

Keep an eye out for this new program in early 2019 as it will be our best and most important program to date.

4. Relaunch of the World Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Business Success Summit

In case you missed this amazing event in 2017 – you will be pleased to know I will be releasing this event again later in 2019.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the summit this year click on the link below and register for the early notification list so you will receive priority access when the event is next available.


Looks like a full and fun year as always.

I hope to see you in the group mentor program, at a live event, or at the 2019 summit.