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A Brilliant Reason to Act Now – and AHPRA Can’t Touch You

There is nothing more frustrating to a health business owner trying to market their practice than the outdated rules and regulations of our governing bodies and associations.

In Australia we have major limitations to the use of testimonials, incentives, specials and limited time offers to get bums on seats into our clinics.

However – I love living dangerously and this time of the year is a real opportunity for allied health business to make use of one of the best marketing opportunities of the year.


The Christmas gift giving season is an absolute marketers dream – and even though the idea of gift giving came from an ancient pagan ritual – I am sure in recent times it have been dramatically exaggerated by the retail industry.

However – in the area of allied health care – the coming deadline of Christmas Day – provides an incredible ” reason to act now” motivation to our clients and their families.

Now our professional regulator – AHPRA – frown on many reason to act now campaigns – such as limited time offers or only a few appointments available.

But it is hard for them to complain about our use of the Christmas gift season to increase sales.

Christmas Day is coming – and your clients need gifts to give – end of story.

Now AHPRA may have an issue with you selling gift vouchers for straight Physio, Chiro, Osteo and Podiatry services – however I am sure you can buy gift vouchers for plastic surgery – go figure.

However – if you offer other services such as Massage or Pilates classes you should be full steam into your Christmas marketing campaign for these items.

If you sell massage balls, cushion socks, soothing creams or other giftable products – you should be heavily promoting these items (and even packaging items together in a nice gift pack)  to your current clients and past client database.

Don’t miss this once a year opportunity to take advantage of the best “reason to act now” of the year.

You have to love Christmas.

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