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Ten Reasons Why You Don’t Have an Accurate Monthly P and L for Your Health Business

I have just finished the final preparation for my free online P and L training session next week – How to Know the Profits of Your Health Business in Just 10 Minutes a Month – and I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this content with you all.

As I created the presentation I listed the top ten problems most health business owners face when trying to get an accurate P and L for their health businesses – and it was easy to see why very few owners have a handle on this vital part of their business.

One of the key problems is the inability of the accounting software or accountant to directly compare calendar month billings – with calendar month wages.

Think about it.

If you pay your team members weekly there is no way you can compare monthly billings to monthly wages – as in some months there are 4 paydays (eg Mondays) and in other there are 5 Mondays.

This is compounded again by the fact that in the following years – the month that had 4 paydays – may have 5 – which makes it impossible to compare your clinics monthly performance this year – to future or past years.

Now your accountant, bookkeeper , tax office and accounting software company don’t care about this – because as far as they are concerned – you are being compliant with your tax obligations and all is sweet.

However – you now don’t have an accurate and comparable P and L to use to make key business decisions

This always frustrated me in my health business – which is why, over the last 20 years, I have been using a different approach to the calculation of P and L in my businesses, and my clients health care businesses.

It is called the “10 Minutes a Month P and l System” – and it is exactly what i will share with you in the live and free online training session I have locked in for next week titled:

“How to Know the Profits of Your Health Business in Just 10 Minutes a Month”
What Your Accountant Can’t Tell You About Making Key Business Decisions Such as When to Hire, Are Your Wages Too High, and Are You Paying Too Much Rent
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If you have already registered can I ask you to email me your key P and L questions, issues and concerns – so i can make sure I cover them in the presentation and also add them to the Q and A section a the end of the presentation.

If you have not yet registered for this FREE 60 Minute LIVE Online Training Session here is just some of what i will share:

– The exact Profit and Loss calculation method used by my most advanced private clients – which lets them know – in less than 10 minutes a month – exactly how much they are paying in admin wages, therapist wages, rent, and clinic costs – and where saving can be made.

– How to make your business infinitely more attractive and valuable to a potential buyer

– The 2 key roles of your accountant – and neither of them are to give you a workable P and L or to help you run your business more successfully

– The key number that lets you know when to expand into a new location- and if the rent at this new location is too high.

– The number which will give you the freedom to cut back your consulting and spend more time with your family and friends

– Why your current payroll system is making it impossible to know your monthly P and l and how to solve this instantly in your health business

When is the LIVE online event being held?

SYDNEY – Wednesday December 5th, 12 midday
LONDON – Wednesday December 5th, 1:00 am
LOS ANGELES – Tuesday December 4th, 5:00 pm
TORONTO, CA – Tuesday December 4th, 8:00 pm

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This incredible and FREE online training session will also include an open Q and A where you will get the opportunity to ask your most pressing and urgent health business questions – this alone is worth attending the presentation.

Make sure you have your microphone turned on and active so you can interact and get maximal value from the presentation.

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Paul Wright