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How and When to Use a VA to Grow Your Health Practice

For this month’s Profit Club and Profit Club Academy training session – I had the absolute pleasure of learning about Virtual Assistants from an accredited virtual business owner – Rachel Dool.

Rachel is a former Physiotherapist – who now runs her own virtual business which supports health clinics in digital marketing – an interesting shift to say the least.

In this Profit Club training session Rachel speaks about how health business owners are wasting huge amounts of time and money by failing to outsource many of their administrative and marketing tasks.

In this fantastic session Rachel also shares:

– where to find the best VA’s and why you need to be careful with overseas outsourcing

– exactly what tasks you can get your VA to do which will save you hours each and every month

– the software and systems you need to keep your data and important passwords secure – but still allowing the VA to access what they need to complete the tasks you have given them.

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