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Why Your Accountants Numbers Do Not Help You Run Your Health Business

I work with a fantastic and highly successful group of health business owners in my private mentor program – however – there are a number of key factors which separate the great performers from the superstars.

One of these factors is how well they know their numbers – and especially their profit and loss report.

These smart owners realize there is a fundamental difference between the numbers their accountant prepares for them when they lodge their tax returns – and the real down and dirty P and L.

They essentially have two sets of accounting data.

One for the tax man and one that lets the owner make critical decisions about the business path.

This is a concept I wish I knew when i started my first health business over 20 years ago – and it is now a fundamental part of my private mentor program.

I am not saying you need to be dishonest by having two sets of books – or in any way do anything illegal with regards to your dealing with the tax office.

I am just pointing out that the financial figures your accountant prepares for your tax return are rarely useful in helping you decide the day to day operations of your health business.

Including decisions such as when to hire more team members, can you afford the pay increase demands of a therapist, are you paying too much for your admin team, and even if you can afford to drop your consulting hours so you can spend more time with your family.

Your accountant is not concerned with these issues – their job it to make sure you pay as little tax as legally possible, and to keep you out of court.

Which is why , over the last 20 years, I have been using a different approach to the calculation of P and L in my businesses, and my clients health care businesses.

It is called the “10 Minutes a Month P and l System” – and it is exactly what i will share with you in the live and free online training session I have locked in for early December titled:

“How to Know the Profits of Your Health Business in Just 10 Minutes a Month”
What Your Accountant Can’t Tell You About Making Key Business Decisions Such as When to Hire, Are Your Wages Too High, and Are You Paying Too Much Rent
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In this FREE 60 Minute LIVE Online Training Session I Will Share:

– The exact Profit and Loss calculation method used by my most advanced private clients – which lets them know – in less than 10 minutes a month – exactly how much they are paying in admin wages, therapist wages, rent, and clinic costs – and where saving can be made.

– How to make your business infinitely more attractive and valuable to a potential buyer

– The 2 key roles of your accountant – and neither of them are to give you a workable P and L or to help you run your business more successfully

– The key number that lets you know when to expand into a new location- and if the rent at this new location is too high.

– The number which will give you the freedom to cut back your consulting and spend more time with your family and friends

– Why your current payroll system is making it impossible to know your monthly P and l and how to solve this instantly in your health business

When is the LIVE online event being held?

SYDNEY – Wednesday December 5th, 12 midday
LONDON – Wednesday December 5th, 1:00 am
LOS ANGELES – Tuesday December 4th, 5:00 pm
TORONTO, CA – Tuesday December 4th, 8:00 pm

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This incredible and FREE online training session will also include an open Q and A where you will get the opportunity to ask your most pressing and urgent health business questions – this alone is worth attending the presentation.

Make sure you have your microphone turned on and active so you can interact and get maximal value from the presentation.

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