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What to Do in November to Get More Clients

The smartest health business owners on the planet have already started this promotion – or at least have it locked and loaded into their marketing calendar for the next few weeks.

This promotion is often one of the most successful new and return client acquisition system of the year.

It is the “End of Year Health Fund Rebate Ending Offer“.

In many parts of the world – private health insurance rebates reset on the first of January – and any un-claimed rebates are lost if the policy holder does not use them up by the end of the year.

Now everyone hates paying high health insurance premiums and want to make sure they get as much back  from their health funds as possible – which is why this is such a great promotion.

In some of my recent emails and posts I have been speaking about the vital marketing step of having a strong “reason to act now” in your marketing messages, as people are often hard to motivate.

I also wrote about the issues some professional regulators have with health professional using limited time offers.

Which is why the “Use it or Lose It” campaigns are so powerful as a marketing tool this time of year.

The reason to act now is very strong and as it comes directly from the insurance companies – there is not much the regulators can do about health professionals making a big deal of it.

So if your the health insurance companies in your country reset their limits on January 1st – you need to get your act together and let your valuable clients know about it.

Now whilst many health business owners are all over the golden opportunity presented to us each November and December – I continue to be amazed how many owners simply forget about this potentially lucrative promotion.

They just get busy running their practices and forget all about this end of year marketing campaign.

However – the underlying issue here – is they DO NOT HAVE A MARKETING PLAN.

They simply rely on their memory or try and come up with a new offer or promotion whenever their business goes quiet.

Not a great way to run a practice.

Which is why I have decided to run one final live event for 2018 – where I will personally give you a complete 2019 health business marketing plan (including the use it or lose it strategies and materials)  – in JUST ONE DAY.

In fact – you will walk away from this one day event with a step-by-step 2019 marketing plan guaranteed to increase your profits, reduce your stress, and fill your practice with high paying clients.

If you have not yet attended my flagship seminar – “The Ultimate Health Business Client Attraction Bootcamp” – or you attended a past event and need to refresher on the latest in health business marketing – then here is your chance to get a huge head start on making 2019 your best year ever.

This is also a great opportunity to spend a day with your practice manager, senior therapist or other team members – so you can all get on the same marketing page for 2019.

There is a super cheap “second seat” price available – and all attendees also receive 3 FREE business building DVD’s – valued at over $300 – as part of your registration.

As I said – I have only been able to fit in ONE of these events to round out the year – so go to the link below and find out where and when this final event will be held.

Hope you can make it to the final live event of 2018.

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