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How Would I Know – I Have Only Been Here a Month

My beautiful wife ,Helen ,was telling me about a classic example of poor customer service and inadequate staff training she experienced at one of our local department stores.

Now with department store retail struggling at the moment – I find it hard to believe these businesses are not all over great customer service.

Anyway – here is what happened.

Helen was looking for a certain brand of skin cream – and approached the person on the service counter with her question.

The team member started her reply with:

 I have only been here a month – so I will see what I can find for you”.

Then for the next ten minutes – the team member searched in cupboards and around the shop – trying to find the product Helen wanted.

During the course of the search – and including numerous questions to her fellow team members – this staff member said the same thing to Helen – SIX times:

I have only been here a month“.

I don’t know about you – but if I was the owner of that department store – I would expect the team in each department to know their stock list and items inside out from DAY ONE – let alone at the end of a month.

Team training would involve going through each and every item in their department so they knew the inventory back to front –BEFORE they were allowed to serve any customers.

What is the lesson for you in your health business.?

Are you making the same mistake?

Are you letting your new team members loose on your hard earned and highly valuable clients BEFORE they know your systems and procedures in incredible detail?

They say in business – you only have one chance to make a great first impression.

Don’t let your new team member mess up the first impression – due to a lack of team training.

In a session from the World Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Business Success Summit (which I will be hosting again in early 2019) – one of our business gurus – Craig Allingham – mentioned how his new team members were not allowed to treat clients until they had completed his full three month induction.

Yes – you read it right – 3 MONTHS.

Now you may think this 3 month induction is overkill – and maybe it is – but you need to at least make sure all team members are confident, informed and able to provide incredible service to your clients.

Not respond with their version of – “I have only been here a month“.

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I hope this helps in your health business.

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