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How Can Alanis Morissette Help Grow Your Health Business?

Being a bit of a music buff – Helen and I headed off to a show last week at a local music venue.

It was a collection of high quality local singers – doing a tribute show of Alanis Morissette hits.

I am not a huge Alanis fan – but we like to support our local singers – and we always like live music.

During the interval, there was an interesting business interaction that played out in the venue, which I feel has value to all health business owners.

So at the break – one of the team from the venue was going around to each table and asking the following question:

Would you like to go on our mailing list?

Did you spot the mistake?

At least they were trying to build their email list so they would have been able to inform current clients (who obviously already love live music) about upcoming shows and event – BUT – there was no incentive to join the list.

They needed to give me something in return – for handing over my email address.

Maybe a better line would have been:

If you are not already on our email list – fill in this form and you will get a voucher for two drinks for the price of one at the bar“.


Enter your email address here – and not only will we keep you updated with the latest shows and events – but you will go into the draw to win two tickets to the show next week

Then draw the tickets live at the end of the show.

The mistake here is often replicated on many health business websites – where on the home page – you see the silly:

“Get our newsletter”

Then expect you to enter your name and email so you can be the proud recipient of the clinics monthly e-newsletter.

Now I am all for collecting  email address from potential clients – in fact – I have built my current business around this business principle.


You must always give something valuable in return for the name and email address.

A free report, cheat sheet, video training series, the secret stretch used by the Michael Jordan to solve his Achilles problem.

The more valuable the gift – the better the chance of getting the persons email address.

One of my private mentor clients used to set up a kids jumping castle at local school events – and the parents had to fill in the form (including email address) on the waiver before their child could enter the castle.


Learn from my musical lesson and make sure you give something in return for the email address.

I hope this helps in your health business.

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