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How Did This Chiropractor Go from 100 Consults a Week to Over 600?

For this month’s Profit Club and Profit Club Academy training session – I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to leading Chiropractor, mentor and author – Ben Carvosso.

In his Profit Club training session titled “How to Be Your Life CEO” – Ben spoke about how he was able to grow his Chiropractic practice from 100 consultations a week to over 600 – and still provided incredible quality care.

Plus how he was able to expand his empire and build multiple radiology practices which turn over millions of dollars each year- and then sell them all for a great price.

One of the main strategies Ben shared which allowed this massive growth was how important it is to teach your clients how to do business with you.

Ben needed to teach his clients the process they would undergo on each visit – including arriving on time, doing their home exercises, making their follow up bookings in advance, paying at the time of the consultation and referring their family and friends.

There is a business mantra which says “If you dont have a system in your business for selling – you are at the mercy of your clients system for buying“.

Ben made sure his clients booked multiple sessions in advance – not booking single session by single session.

The patients are taught they need to book these multiple sessions in advance – simply because this is how it is done in Ben’s business.

To be one of Ben’s clients – you need to follow these steps – no exceptions.

So make sure you take control of your steps , processes and procedures – and ensure your clients comply with these directions.

Here is just some of what Ben also covered in his fantastic presentation for Profit Club:

–  How Ben bought his first practice BEFORE he was even registered to practice

–  How to increase your clinic capacity – through systems, educating patients, and how they need to behave within the practice.

–  How Ben delivered 663 clients in a week with one associate and finished the week on a high – not exhausted.

– The defining moment when Ben fell out of a tree – which changed his life forever.

–  How Ben launched a radiology practice which was largely outside his current skill set

– How he went from losing $10,000 a week and turned it into a successful and profitable practice

–  The 5 steps to getting unstuck and living your best life

Plus – when to walk away from bad business and life decisions so you can live your life on your terms.

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