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An Essential Re-Booking Script Guaranteed to Upset the Regulators

In one of my recent posts – I mentioned the essential marketing step which many regulators (as well as many conservative health business owners ) just don’t like.

It is the creation of urgency and a compelling “reason to act now“.

In my post I mentioned how important it is as a business owner – to do whatever you can to encourage a potential client to take action.

As opposed to our patients (and our own) natural state – which is to do NOTHING.

The effectiveness of the “reason to act now” marketing essential was seen again with the low price launch offer for my new social media team training pack – which ended last Wednesday night.

As usual – a large number of our total product orders came in during the last few hours of special.

If you went to the product information page during the launch period you would have see the large countdown timer – clicking down to the price rise date and offer deadline.

So even though the launch offer was available for the full 10 day launch period – the majority of our orders still came in during the last few hours of the special.

Now I know many health professionals (and our regulators) do not like this part of the marketing process.

Many professionals believe if they deliver a great service – patients will simply rush to their phones and make a booking – thus making this (or any advertising) redundant.

Now this may be possible for sole trading therapists with a loyal and long standing database – however – it is not the case for the majority of health businesses.

Most health business owners need to be doing whatever they can to motivate and reward potential patients for taking action and making an appointment.

Including a “reason to act now” is just one part of this marketing sequence.

One of the most important “reason to act now” steps is to make sure your admin team make multiple appointments for each of your new clients at the end of their initial assessment – not just book one session at a time.

If you need to see the patient twice a week for two weeks – then all four sessions should be booked then and there – not one by one at the end of the next treatment.

The simple script for this it something like:

We need to book all four of those sessions now as Paul books out well in advance – and if you don’t book them now you may not get the times that suit or at all – which may also impact on your treatment progress

This is a very simple reason to act now.

If the sessions are not booked in advance – the patient may not get the appointments they need – or at the times that suit.

Pretty simple.

So please don’t sit there and think you are above all this marketing rubbish.

There is a lot of competition out there in health care these days – so while you are sitting there worrying about if you should be using these time tested principles – your competitors are out there doing it.

I hope this helps your health business

Talk soon.
Paul Wright