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UK Health Business Review

As many of you know – I have just returned from the UK where I did a series of lectures for health business owners as part of my “Practice Acceleration Program – 12 Steps to a Great Health Business” initiative.

Speaking to the health business owners in the UK the following thoughts came to mind that we should all take note of:

  1. Health professionals across the world are in the same boat – ie technically great but unskilled at running businesses and basic business principles.
  2. We are all blissfully unaware of the threats we face from other professions – eg physios are at risk from personal trainers, chiros at risk from physios, podiatrists at risk from osteopaths etc etc – and we are all at risk from the big insurance companies and health providers.
  3.  To highlight this point – I presented at the Fitpro convention for Personal Trainers in Loughborough before I returned to Australia and some of the sessions at this conference (including some of mine) would have been equally at home in a Physio conference – so the knowledge gap between professions is closing rapidly – be aware of this gap and the importance of maintaining your marketing and client education programs – ie “ Why should I buy from you and not the other providers?”
  4. Many still believe that if they are technically excellent then everything will be fine – when in truth many health professionals are a victim of their incredible skill set – and unable to free their time by employing other therapists.
  5. The UK health sector is so highly public health based that many of the general public will wait weeks and weeks to see a professional rather than pay for a private session. I believe this is an incredible opportunity for well marketed private practices to capitalise on the waiting list issues and build exceptional businesses – before the slow starters wake up to this opportunity.
  6. I was amazed at the actual  lack of health businesses in the UK – in Australia you can swing a cat and hit 2-3 private health clinics – from physios, osteos, podiatrists, massage therapists, doctors etc – whereas in the UK – there appears to be relatively few private allied health businesses. Again this presents a great OPPORTUNITY for well run clinics to create great local leverage – and I am sure these clinic owners where the ones that attended my seminar series – well done to you all.

That being said – I always enjoy lecturing in the UK – the people are always incredibly friendly, have great senses of humour and are always interested in other points of view – even if these opinions come from a “know all” Australian.

I welcome your comments on this topic.

Best Wishes

Paul Wright



4 thoughts on “UK Health Business Review

  1. Andrew K

    Hi Paul,
    I saw you lecture at Fitpro and I found it to be outstanding. You are able to take in some cases a complex subject matter and make simple, funny and engaging. It was also great to meet you in person. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. Ellis Taylor

    Hi Paul,

    I attended you course in London and was very happy with what I came away with to improve how my physio business operates. I’m yet to put everything into practice, but it’s pretty clear to see just how it will work to help me grow my young clinic. Certainly some of the admin changes have already started to make a difference.

    Thanks for the advice!

  3. james nolan

    Dear Paul,
    Many thanks for your email. It is with great regret I missed your seminar while you were in the UK. I value your business knowledge and I would certainly like to see you speak when you return to the UK.

    Yes, business is tough in the UK when so many people are prepared to wait on the Public Health System when they are in pain. Maybe, culturally people are used to free prescriptions and free allied health services that they are prepared to wait.
    I look forward to hearing from you again in this competitive environment.


  4. Wayne

    Hi Paul. Reference the UK mentality of people waiting weeks for an NHS appointment and the opportunity that you see. What would be your 3 key marketing messages to access & exploit this opportunity if you were running a business here? Regards, Wayne

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