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Why Don’t More Health Business Owners Use This Marketing Media?

The master discs and electronic files for my new “Ultimate Social Media and Online Advertising Client Attraction System” –have been sent to the production house so it looks like we will be launching the program on Monday October 8th – so keep an eye out for the super launch offer.

One of the great sessions in the program is with my own marketing mentor and online business guru – Terry Dean – where he shares his secret strategy for getting leads and clients by advertising on YouTube.

I am actually surprised more health professionals do not use YouTube advertising in their marketing mix – because as Terry points out – it is much more cost effective than Google Ads – and can be closely targeted to be shown only to your local audience.

In Terry’s session – he shows you in step by step screen shares on his computer – exactly how to set up your YouTube advertising campaign – and also why you need to be using this platform.

As Terry points out – any local business is able to put an advert in front of a popular YouTube video – and promote your offer to the viewer.

Lets say you are a Physiotherapist in Sydney CBD and want to let people know about your back pain relief solutions.

You simply do a quick video of you and an offer to try your services – and then set up the video in Google Ads to be shown before any YouTube video that comes up if the person searches say “How to Fix Back Pain” – or “The Best Exercises to Fix Back Pain”.

Remember – Google owns YouTube – so it makes sense to be all over both Google Ads and YouTube advertising – as they work very successfully together.

Now your video ad is only shown to people who are located close to your physical location – just like you do when setting up your regular Google Ads – with a geo targeted radius around your practice.

Terry and I even laughed that we could place a video advert – in front of Chad Maddens famous –  “Best 3 Exercises for Sciatica” video – which has had over 3 Million YouTube views.

So you could even advertise your practice in front of a video produced by one of your competitors.

How cool is that?

And as Terry says in his session – the YouTube ads are very inexpensive at the moment (especially compared to straight Google Ads) – and not a lot of your competitors are making use of this opportunity.

Terry’s fantastic training on how to use YouTube Advertising is just part of The Ultimate Social Media and Online Advertising Client Attraction System – which is a comprehensive digital marketing training program specifically for health business owners and their teams.

Along with Terry’s YouTube Advertising session – there is also comprehensive training on creating and launching successfulGoogle Adwords campaigns (including exact screen shares on how to do it), how to advertise on Facebook, how to master Instagram – as well as how to design and build a great health business website.

I have even included a session with Mr YouTube himself – health business expert and Physical Therapist – Chad Madden – where we discuss in detail – his exact YouTube strategy.

The pack is currently at the production house and the manuals and fill in the blanks documents are at the printers – so we are almost ready to launch.

If you want be among the first to know about the super cheap launch offer I will be making when the program is ready to go –simply click on the link below and enter your name and email address.

I will then let you know via email when the package is available – so you don’t miss the special launch offer.