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Without These Two Essentials – Google Will Not Put You On Page One

For this month’s Profit Club and Profit Club Academy training session – I had the absolute pleasure of learning from one of the worlds leading experts on Google – former NASA rocket scientist-Monte Huebsch.

Monte is also one of the stars of my new training program – The Ultimate Social Media and Online Advertising Client Attraction System – which is currently being put together at our printing house – and should be ready by the end of the month.

However –  it was in this initial Profit Club interview – where I learnt just how important Monte’s knowledge is to all health business owners.

In his Profit Club training session Monte spoke about how many health business owners are losing huge amounts of time and money – due fundamental issues with their websites and gave me two absolute killers – which dramatically reduce your Google listing.

Now before I hand over the 2 keys to Google success – think for a moment about what Google wants to deliver for people who use them to find information on the internet.

Google wants it’s users to get a fast result – and also to have a high level of security when searching – especially with all the recent news about viruses, bots and trawling of information.

So for this reason – there are 2 key things you website MUSTdeliver if you want Google to display your website at the top of the search page.

The first essential ingredient is – SPEED

Monte insists his clients websites all load on desktop and especially mobile devices within 3-4 seconds – any slower than this and the searcher gets impatient – moves on – unhappy with the result of their search.

Also unhappy with Google for sending them to a dud website.

You then end up with a high “bounce rate” in Googles eyes (where someone lands on your site and rapidly leaves it)  – which makes Google less likely to show your website again – as it is not giving the user a great experience.

The second essential ingredient is – SECURITY

In today’s online world Google is highly sensitive to the issue of security – and will be reluctant to send traffic to pages which do not have an up to date security certificate.

According to Monte – this up to date security status is indicated by the https in a websites name – instead of the old http

So if your website does not have the https in the url – you need to contact your hosting company and arrange to get a security certificate for your domain – it cost about $10 a month – but is essential if you want to rank well on Google searches.

These are just a couple of the red hot tips Monte shared in this months Profit Club session – however in the full interview Monte also spoke about:

–    The 4 ways to be found on the front page of google and why you must know all 4

–    How to get Google to promote your business for  FREE

–    How to use the “Hub and Spoke” method to increase your Google search ranking and be seen as the expert

–    How to handle a negative Google review and turn it into a positive

–    Why there are only 2 companies in the world who scare Google and why you need to understand both of them

–    The reverse engineer approach that dramatically increase your Google Ads success

–    How one statement from Mark Zuckerberg led to a 30% increase in Facebook ad costs

–    How to get 9 times the traffic of your competitors to your website

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