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Why You Need to be Repulsive If You Want Health Business Success

One of the training sessions in my new – Ultimate Social Media and Online Advertising Client Attraction System package which will be available in  early October – is with video expert Tony Rose.

In his training session Tony gives you the exact 5 step framework – all health business owners can use to create great videos which position you as the expert in your area.

Including all his tips and strategies about equipment, lighting, sound, editing and even exactly what to do with the video content once you have created it.

We all know video is the way of the future – but very few health professionals know how to do it right – which is why this training session is such a vital part of the Ultimate Social Media and Online Advertising package.

In his presentation Tony made a big deal out of the importance of closely defining your audience – and even goes to the point of suggesting you actually need to be repulsive to people who are not your ideal client.

He is not saying you need to be mean – or disrespectful to potential viewers of your videos – but simply be very clear who the video is for and equally – who it is not for.

Tony even suggests in some cases – to open your video with a statement which tells people to turn it off if they are not who the video is made for.

Lets say you have created a video to help golfers reduce their elbow pain – you may open the video by saying something like:

If you are not a golfer trying to beat elbow pain – then switch this video off NOW“.

You can see the idea – especially if you are advertising on YouTube and will be charged as soon as the person watches 30 seconds of more of your YouTube video.

Your video is for golfers with elbow pain – and should be repulsive to someone who is not in that group.

Many health professionals worry way too much about trying to make content which is suitable for all people – but this is a massive mistake.

You will get much more return on your social media and online advertising investment if you are very clear about exactly who you want to watch your videos.

Remember – if you try and appeal to everyone – you end up appealing to no one.

Tony’s fantastic training on how to use video is just part of The Ultimate Social Media and Online Advertising Client Attraction System – which is a comprehensive digital marketing training program specifically for health business owners and their teams.

Along with Tony’s video session sessions – there is also comprehensive training on creating and launching successfulGoogle Adwords campaigns (including exact screen shares on how to do it), how to advertise on Facebook, how to masterYoutube and Youtube advertising – as well as how to design and build a great health business website.

I am currently creating the “fill in the blanks” team training manual and other written resources that will be included in the pack.

If you want be among the first to know about the super cheap launch offer I will be making when the program is ready to go –simply click on the link below and enter your name and email address.

I will then let you know via email when the package is available – so you don’t miss the special launch offer.

Talk soon

Paul Wright



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