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This Technology Hack Can Save You Thousands

For this month’s Profit Club and Profit Club Academy training session – I had the absolute pleasure of learning from one of the worlds leading experts on technology, software and online time saving hacks – Heather Smith.

In her Profit Club training session Heather spoke about how many health business owners are losing huge amounts of time and money – due to poor internet connections and slow internet speeds.

She suggested all health business owners go to her preferred internet speed testing site  and check your internet speed.

Heather says that if you are not getting at least 100 Mbps download speed – then you should start making some noise.

Now I know many of you – particularly in Australia – where we have notoriously terrible internet speeds – will say – 100 Mbps is not possible – Heather – was able to get her speed dialed up to over 100 Mbps simply by making enough noise about the issue.

She also spoke about how important it is to get out in the street and talk to the internet technicians (when you see them) as they can often give you valuable information and contact details on the exact people you need to speak to – to ramp up your speed.

Heather’s own internet connection was dramatically increased after she spoke to an expert in Asia – who gave her the tip she needed to break the 100 Mbps internet speed barrier.

So test your speed and see how you go.

In this fantastic session Heather also shared:

– the best backup services available so you never risk losing data

– how to save valuable time arranging interviews using a little known scheduling tool

– how to keep up with your multiple usernames and passwordsand never risk being hacked

– super cool Google tools that will increase your productivity

– how to automate your accounting system so you never lose a deduction, entry or tax record again

– the team roster and time management program which not only tracks payroll and awards but can also automatically fill shifts when a team member calls in sick – think how much pain that will save you and your admin team


– the software which can convert a local computer based practice management system into a cloud based program – vital for owner who do not want the pain of moving to a totally new software provider.

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Paul Wright