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Three Ways to Know if Your Google Ads Are Actually Working

Hot on the heels of our live social media and online advertising seminars – I received this email from a highly valued and very sharp member of my Profit Club program – which I thought I would share in today’s post (the members details have been changed of course):

Hi Paul – I have been discussing with my team how we track who has actually been referred to the clinic via Google Adwords. We are currently able to gain data from the patient if they have been referred from “Google” but how do you know they have been referred from “Google Adwords” specifically? Tony

Hi Tony,

The measurement and accurate tracking of any paid advertising is a vital part of any successful marketing campaign – and especially in the online world.

That being said – the issue we often face in digital health care marketing is managing the transition ( and subsequent measurement) when an online advert leads to an offline action.

Let me explain.

If we use Google adwords for example as the online advertising media – we will have no trouble tracking sales and conversion if the client was being sent to an online sales page and placing their order online.

However – in many health care Google Adwords campaigns – the online advert directs the client to make a phone call to book an appointment – so effectively – this client leaves the internet and moves to their mobile phone complete the transaction.

So what is the solution to this “Online to Offline” leak?

Here is how some of the sharpest health business owners on the planet solve this issue:

# 1- Have a Dedicated Phone Number – many clinics have a dedicated phone number (or mobile phone) they only display on their Google Adwords campaigns. Some Google Adwords companies set this up for you and can even give you statistics for calls made from each specific advert – with each advert getting a different phone number.

# 2 – Have “Google Adwords ONLY” Offers – some clinics create specific offers that are only visible and available on their Google Adwords landing pages. For example you may run and advert to help Migraine clients – and send them to a landing page that offers a “Free Migraine Assessment” – which they must ask for when they call and is only promoted via your Google ads.

# 3 – Keep Them Online – some clinics have found better results with Google Adwords if they don’t advertise a phone number at all – preferring to send a client to a landing page where they fill in their name, phone and email – and the practice follow up from there to convert the lead into an appointment.

Whatever method or system you choose to use – it is rarely good enough to just ask your clients when they arrive for their first appointment how they found out about you – as many of them do not really know if they came across you from a paid advert or a free listing.

We also know that people are much more likely to call you from a Google search if your business is in the paid listing PLUS the free listing – and even better if your “Google My Business” listing is also displayed on the right hand side of the Google search page.

The subject of Google Adwords, how to set up the best adverts, and effective tracking of your campaigns are just some of the main areas we covered in the recent social media seminars.

Using the recording of the live seminars as a base – I have then added incredible extra content to create my newest health business training program:

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The pack contains sessions on creating and launching successful Google Adwords campaigns ( including exact screen shares on how to do it) , how to set up your Google My Business listing, how to advertise on Facebook, how to master Youtube and Youtube advertising – as well as how to get your website converting.

I am completing my final interview this week and will then get stuck into the remaining editing and creating the “fill in the blanks” team training manual and other written resources that will be included in the pack.

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Best Wishes

Paul Wright