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Why Clients Who Find You On Google Cancel More Often and What to Do About It

At the recent live “Social Media and Online Advertising” seminars – we talked a lot about how to fill your practice with ideal clients.

During one of the Q and A sessions – a delegate asked the following question:

We get a lot of new patients coming in from our Google Adwords campaigns – however they tend to drop out of care more frequently and sometimes cancel their appointments – what can we do about this “.

This was an excellent questions and made a very valid point about how important the “referral source” of each client is to a health business.

The issue this clinic owner is having is related to the quality of patient being generated by their Google Adwords campaigns – compared to the quality of patient generated by other methods.

In most allied health practices if a new patient is referred by a highly trusted friend – who you have been treating for years – this new patient is much more likely to complete their course of care and also become a great referrer.

This close friend referral automatically transfers a high level of trust and confidence into this new patient.

So they are more likely to accept your treatment plan and attend their sessions.

However – a referral generated by an online advertising platform such as Google Adwords – has not received the same glowing endorsement from a trusted friend.

They found you on Google.

Now this does not mean you can’t fastrack the trust process and make this Google generated new client – a highly valued part of your business.

It just means you need to add more trust building steps.

You need to send this Google client a series of emails and video tips BEFORE they even arrive at your practice.

Your admin team need to call them personally to confirm their appointment, make sure they have the correct practice address, and even (in the worlds best clinics) find out how they like their tea or coffee – so it is perfectly prepared for them when they walk in the door.

After the initial (fantastic) consultation – the therapist needs to send them a personal video email with a summary of the exercises they where shown.

They receive a posted “welcome to the practice” package – delivered by FedEx – that includes a copy of your book, an audio CD with some relaxing meditations, your latest printed newsletter and a bottle of your best skin cream.

That’s how you make a Google Adwords client equal to a referral from a trusted friend.

Now i know I am being a little bit cheeky here with my pre and post arrival sequence – however – just image how valuable this Google client feels when they receive service like this.

As one of my mentors once said – “If you give them service they don’t get anywhere else – they won’t go anywhere else“.

So regardless of the advertising media and strategy you use to get your new clients – you need to ensure they all feel highly valued in your practice.

I hope this helps you in your health business

Social Media and Online Advertising Pack Taking Shape

My “Ultimate Social Media and Online Advertising for Health Professionals” – done for your training pack is getting better by the minute.

Last week I interviewed Paul Gough – where he shared his exact social media and Google Adwords strategy- a brilliant session.

This week I will be interviewing the Referral Marketing Guru himself – Michael Griffiths – where i will get the exact strategy Michael uses to generate referrals using social media – I cant wait for this interview.

I have also just confirmed a session with Chad Madden – the owner of the YouTube back pain video with over 3 million views – where I will get his exact YouTube and online advertising strategy – ready for you guys to use.

I will be adding these training sessions – plus many others – to the video footage from the live events to create the final “Ultimate Social Media and Online Advertising” pack.

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