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What’s Next – The Question You Must Always Be Asking

Having just wrapped up the live “Social Media and Online Advertising” seminar series here in Australia – my beady brain instantly turns to thinking about the next project or product I will work on.

This idea of always thinking “What’s Next” is one of the major road blocks many health business owners face.

Many owners are so busy seeing patient, training staff and juggling family life – they have no petrol left in the tank to even contemplate launching a new product or program.

In fact – if you ever hear a health business owner say something like – “I will be OK if the business keeps going as it is” – what they are really saying is “If this business gets any bigger it will kill me”.

As one of my mentors once told me – “If your business is not growing – it is dying”.

So – you must always be thinking – what’s next.

What program is desperately needed in your community?

What extra service can you create and deliver to assist your clients?

Is there an opportunity to open another practice to help more people live pain free?

You MUST always be looking for the next opportunity.

The world is changing at such a rapid rate – there is no guarantee your business (in its current format) will even be around in 5 -10 years.

Which is why you must always be creating new programs, testing new treatment models, and finding new and innovative markets.

To future proof your business.

This is the exact thinking I am using as I create my newest product – the “Ultimate Social Media and Online Advertising” program.

I will be using the footage from the recent live seminar series as the core modules – then adding extra training session from some of the worlds leading health business owners and experts – who will share exactly how they use social media and online advertising to grow their health businesses.

As well as the core sessions with myself, Nick Schuster and Matthew Holmes – I have been able to lock in bonus sessions with:

Paul Gough – will share his personal FB and Google Adwords strategy.

Michael Griffiths (the Referral Marketing Guru himself) – will demonstrate his exact social media strategy for generating referrals.

Monte Huebsch ( Mr Google ) – will show you how to maximize your google My Business listing and how to get 5 star google reviews to aid your page ranking.

Nicola McLennan (from IDD Osteopaths in the UK) – will show you her exact Google adwords lead generation funnels that are working the house down in the UK at the moment.

Steve Brossman – will give you his exact strategy for using social media to brand yourself as the go-to expert in your area.

Aaron Lebauer from the USA – will show you exact screen captures of his most effective FB campaigns and lead generation pages.

Plus a host of other sessions from world leading experts.

The idea of this package is to create a social media and online advertising team training program (just like I did with my Front Desk and Referral Training System – which owners can give to their therapists, admin team, or marketing manager – so they can effectively use social media to market the practice.

The pack will include a “fill in the blank” manual –to ensure all content is completed – as well as “done for you” adverts, scripts and templates – to instantly make your health business the social media superstar in your area.

If you are interested in finding out more about this package and want be among the first to know about the super cheap launch offer I will be making when the program is ready to go – simply click on the link below and enter your name and email address.

I will then let you know via email when the package is available – so you don;t miss the special launch offer.

Remember – like I have done – you must always be delivering what the market wants – and testing new program and services.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

Paul Wright